WTFographics: GMO Labeling

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  1. Half of agent orange does not make it agent orange. While it still may be bad, this guy horribly represented the true effects of the spray. He’s using a non sequitur argument, a logical fallacy. Don’t be fooled.

  2. Lol I love all the o I thought Obama is cool or I don’t like Obama now. r u fucking dumb fucking restarted drum stupid dumb dumb dumb dumber than a bag of dumb rocks.???? Obama has been fucking up this country and taking away rights and destroying are economy for 4 years. N u dumb fucks voted for him instead of Romney. I hope the worst for all Obama voters or Obama voters who write those dumb comments. Like why isn’t this ad b4 the election. Dumb fucks! Go die of aids

  3. obama bin lyin said before elected for his first term ” I will label gmos because people have the right to know whats in their food”

  4. We want them BANNED! Labeling is fine to let consumers know this poison is in foods, so they can make better decisions to protect their health and children’s health. What about the Honeybees dying from the toxic pesticides sprayed on these crops?!! What about the animals on factory farms that eat GMO laden feed and get sick?? Then their meat and milk products are in our grocery stores. What about the soil being ruined by monoculture? Labeling won’t help. BANNING will. This film is misleading.

  5. Did anyone else notice what was said at 02:12? Direct quote. “So the issue here isn’t banning GMO crops as many European countries. THAT’S NOT AMERICAN. It’s just about labeling it. Consumers’ right to know.” Very strange. Was wanting wanting to stop the use of Agent Orange and DDT not American, too? Watch “Genetic Roulette” or “Seeds of Death”. From real people, not an advertising company.

  6. Some words are a little hard to understand but it’s a great video (“Strange ?” says 9 out of 10 americans want their GMO food labeled)

  7. Look Dow you Fucking greedy moron crooks, you stop spraying this shit on any of our communities, or We The People not only BOYCOTT, but Fucking SUE your Fucking Paints OFF, and Imprison you, the GOV does not protect us anymore now that DC is full of sinful morons and thief’s. We are DONE Spray this shit around my children and you will have HELL to PAY. you EVIL SHITHEADS!!!  also LABEL IT OR ELSE WE WILL NOT PURCHASE SHOES FROM YOU! We would rather go Bearfoot …  UNDERSTAND!   EVERYONE STAND UP NOW!  These fuckers are Poisoning us and our children.