Women Lose Weight Like UFC Fighters

Weight Loss Tip: Avoid rich sauces on your meat. If your meat feels dry, you can still add certain kinds of sauces. Try eating meat with salsa, chutney, or any kind of low-calorie sauces. You will discover and experiment with new flavors while avoiding the devastating effect of rich sauces on your meat.

We lost 5 pounds total in an hour doing a UFC Fighter’s weight cut!

Watch Women Train Like UFC Fighters For 60 Days:

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  2. so yeah it’s not a UFC weight cut if you dont actually strike with correct technique, flailing your arms is not the same as striking. Doesn’t work as well.

  3. This is the way the people who die cut weight. The healthy way to cut weight is to start eating lighter than usual and healthier a couple weeks before your fight instead of trying to cut all the weight 2 days before the fight. Then a couple days before the fight you only drink water, try not to eat, and dehydrate yourself like they did in the video if necessary a few hours before weigh-ins

  4. Wonder why they didnt use the sauna? Fighters usually go to the sauna lol and would lose way more

  5. And there are more stages to weight loss cut there is a hot tub for 15 min and wrapped in a lot of blankets for 15 mins and then the end is just a ice bath