Will Smith – Ultimate Motivational Speeches

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Go Here To Change Your Life: http://russhowepti.com Actor Will Smith provides some excellent motivational advice on achieving your goals in life.

Whether you apply Will’s mentality towards bodybuilding, losing weight, your career, improving your job prospects or simpy leading a healthier lifestyle and bettering your family life at home, one thing is for certain. You will see a whole new world of opportunity open up before your very eyes.

Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Life’s Six Rules speech, this compilation teaches you how to succeed not at one specific thing, but with life itself.

Enjoy today’s motivational interviews with Will Smith, Russ Howe PTI will be back in the gym with you next week with more tips on how to lose weight and build lean muscle. Keep making progress!

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  1. Such great outlook to have, anyone else wish they could be like this 100%
    of the time?

  2. He sounds like a kingdom minded person, give it up to ole school teachers
    and teaching

  3. I like Will Smith, the ear rings are just really disappointing. Will, am I
    supposed to think you are pretty? Never got that with any guy, doesn’t

  4. It’s simple kids. Motivation, Focus Energy, Confidence and so much more.
    Try drugs today!

  5. Certain things arent possible tho…………………….. like the
    weakest people on earth to be the MMA champion, the uglyiest people to be
    voted the best looking….. the dumbiest to be the smartest….

  6. “Greatness exists in all of us” – This is so true and it is up to you to
    discover that.. simple as that. I believe it as well that’s why I was
    inspired to make my own yt channel and share my life story to everyone
    hoping that people would find it helpful and feel that they are not alone
    in this world. This video is very enlightening.

  7. It amazes me how his son thinks himself so philosophical and sophisticated.
    He’ll never have the ability to move and influence people like Will does.
    Will’s over here telling people anything is possible if you work hard
    enough, and Jaden’s over here saying the world is a lie and a 17 year old
    boy can wear a dress if he wants to. Can’t believe how far the apple fell
    from the tree.

  8. And i am willing to die for it. Will smith these words are really gonna
    boost my moral. Thank you for uploading such nice video.

  9. Great man! I really believe that greatness exists in all of us. Just
    believe in yourself and work hard. That’s the magic bullet!