Why I Don’t Weigh Myself or Measure My Body Fat Percentage (Big Brandon Carter)

Weight Loss Tip: If you are considering becoming a vegetarian, it's a good idea to meet with a nutritionist to discuss your body's nutritional needs. It's a healthy lifestyle if you make sure you get enough of nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein and vitamin D, among others. Also, be sure to get plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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Why I Don’t Weigh Myself or Measure My body fat percentage
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  1. Is that also with cutting too? Last time I was cutting I used just tape
    measure but also the caliper..lost a lot of weight but I believe a lot of
    muscle too

  2. Do intermittent fasting and cut all your carbs out..so only lean protein
    and vegetables and watch yourself lose massive weight and btw search
    intemittent fasting on google if you dont know wht it is. Make sure to
    incorporate cardio in your diet and you will shed insanely..but again its
    hard it takes motivation and self control GL

  3. Yo brandon. I appriciate what you do. Yet, i wonder how you would look on
    steroids haha ull probably get bigger than kali muscle

  4. How many inches should i lose from my waist a week?? Or what should I shoot
    for if I’m cutting?

  5. Great advice as always Brandon. Thank you man!

    When you drop to a v.low %body fat-how do you stay warm in a cold climate?
    Especially if you are fasting?

  6. This is a load of crap! If everyone was getting different bodyfat results
    then they don’t know how to test correctly…clippers and scales are pretty
    accurate. What he says about the training log is completely false! I went
    from being last place in 8th grade in the school fitness contest to being
    1st place my senior year of high school! ANd I went to an all guys military
    high school and I kept no stupid fitness log! I guess according to him
    going from dead last in a fitness contest in a co-ed elementary school to
    1st place at an all guys military high school is not a substantial gain.
    Most in shape people don’t kept fitness logs….they are a complete waste
    of time…unless your a moron just keep that info in your head.