Warrior Digital Body Mass (Fat) Caliper – My Body Fat Percentage?

Weight Loss Tip: If you eat meats, choose lean meats over fatty meats. Fatty meats have higher calories from fat, which make them harder to turn into proteins. Also, be sure to make meat not the major component of a meal as it has higher calories than most fruits, veggies and complex carbohydrates.


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Hope this video was informative and helped some to all of you all on this topic on “How To” or “Where To Purchase & How Much”

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  1. Does it also tell you the skin fold measure in mm or just an average of
    your body fat percentage?? 

  2. hey man i just subscribed and am likeing your videos can you send me the
    link to were you got the Warrior Digital from eBay 

  3. Thnx for the video but these calipers suk dick HARD 8===> D: I bought one
    and the case was improperly screwed together, and I could see right into
    the guts of the little wanna-be machine. On top of that, after installing
    the battery the screen doesnt even work $30 for an unusable caliper????
    PFFFFFFFFFFFF FUK [email protected]!!

  4. yo how the fuck you put the battery in?? im scratching this shit all up
    trying to open this shit!

  5. I bought this thing, but is not very accurate, In 5 minutes it gave me 4
    different %’s. Some one told me that the regular caliper is more accurate,
    you just have to do the formula. I will try it, it is only 5 dollars in
    ebay or amazon.

  6. So your “how to” video is actually totally wrong, wrong measurement sites
    leading to poor readings and inaccurate body fat percentages.

  7. LOL dude your pretty fucking hilarious, i’m fairly popular you YOuTube too
    we have similar personalities we should be friends. 

  8. I got one. On the belly and leg, the measurement has got to be VERTICAL,
    you did it HORIZONTAL. However this is not very accurate. I do 10
    measurement for each area and then take an average value. As said by
    someone else here, every time the result is unlike the previous/next one