Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video – Express 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine

Weight Loss Tip: How can you lose weight? Losing one pound requires that you burn 3,500 calories. This can be done by: burning 500 calories a day - seven days a week through exercise; or by cutting 250 calories from your diet and exercising to burn the other 250 calories each day - seven days a week. Essentially, you need to burn more and consume appropriately.

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  1. The last exercise I can barley lift my leg up. Any tips on increasing my range of motion on this one?

  2. This also needs introductory lessons how to keep balance on your ball. I think all of my calories burned because of trying not to fall from my ball while exercising, not from the actual exercises. Good video though.

  3. good quick workout after a 25 min workout video. easy to follow. a bit hard doing the second leg raise right ager the first one.

  4. it is a wonderful video.thanks for letting us know how to get swiss ball exercises done.the instructions are clear and easy to follow.once again thanks for sharing it.regards.Pranams.

  5. going to try this for 4 weeks, started yesterday going to do it for every day for 4 weeks. could do with longer time to get ready for next one though! goes a bit fast

  6. Merci beaucoup, sa fait du bien lorsqu’ON a pas le temps de faire un entrainement complet avant le boulot 😉 Point constructif, merci de montrer avant chaque exercice un petit moment pour illustré comment le faire, mais il n’y a pas de temps qui montre comment bien se positionner, donc toujours obligé de faire pause voir comment je me place puis ensuite mettre play. Bref, montrer le placement sécuritaire serait apprécié 😉 Merciii

  7. 10 mins full body workout? its took me 10 mins to do just stand on that ball for that fucking push ups

  8. Thank you very much for the very nice video…we learned much……we will follow u…thank u again..

  9. I love this workout!! I can’t believe I’ve gone my entire life until now without an exercise ball…These things are gonna change my life! Thankyou<3

  10. So could I do this in the morning before starting the day and at night before I go to sleep or would that be bad for my body?

  11. If that last leg one is really messing me up, does anyone know what part of the leg I really need to work on? Thanks