The TRUTH About Love Handles (How To Get Rid Of Them!)

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Love handles is a strange term since it’s tough to find a man (or woman for that matter) who loves having them! It’s used to describe the body fat that accumulates on the hips just above the pelvis. In order to get rid of love handles however, we first have to break down all the myths and misinformation that surrounds this area.

In this Truth about Love Handles (How to Get Rid of Them) video I show you not only what causes them but also what you need to do to lose them!

Losing your love handles can only occur with a two pronged attack. One must focus on your nutrition and making sure you shed your excess body fat and the other focuses in on using the right exercises for love handles.

Interestingly, the external obliques are at the heart of this stubborn area of fat. That said, the best love handle exercises are going to be those that involve and target this muscle the way it’s meant to be trained. I show you not only what not to do, but also what I feel is the best way to get rid of love handles through both exercises and nutrition.

This exercise not only can not only be used to workout love handles but fits in nicely with any oblique workout that you are currently doing. Doing 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps on both sides is a good start. Make sure that when you are doing this exercise that you don’t push too much with the arms but focus on making the abs and core do most of the work.

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For more workout videos for your abs, obliques and love handles be sure to check out our channel here on youtube at or this workout in particular –




  1. yeah dude I used to do dumbbell side bends and what I could feel was that it was damaging my hips.. so I haven’t done them since

  2. Isn’t that using concurrent forces when spinning (one hand pulls as main work, while the other hand also pulls in the same circular direction) creates a moment force to reduce the force working per each band?
    You know, like one person trying to rotate an object, compared to two people rotating an object by standing at opposite sides.

  3. i have one of those machines at my works gym. im gunna try this today. i got a muffin top :<

  4. I’ll try to sum up, what a lot of guys below have written.

    The headline says: “The TRUHY about Love Handles (How to Get Rid of Them!)” – but the only thing he mentions throughout the video about getting rid of love handles, is through exercise. So, the exercise he’s doing in the video, is apparently not better than other exercises, when it comes to losing belly fat/getting rid of love handles. When you workout, you “extend” your muscles, making the area they’re located bigger (he mentions this himself). But, that doesn’t change the fact, if you have fat on a specific area (for instance arms), the fat isn’t gonna disappear by working out intensively in that area, it’s just gonna be muscles with fat on.
    Some people struggle more with love handles than others, the same with hips, arms, face, chest, face, butt etc. That’s because the body itself “decides” on where to place the fat – we are not all the same when it comes to this.

    This video (as for as I understand), is for people who want’s to train their abdominal external oblique muscle. But, that muscle isn’t even visible, if there’s fat in front!

    Stupid misleading headline. I’m usually a big fan of this guy’s videos, but this is a downer.

  5. Can you demonstrate how to use an elastic band (instead of that $5k machine) to do this kind of exercise? I have love handles and after watching this video, I realized I’ve taken bad advice because i’ve been doing db side bends…. aaarrrggghhh….!

  6. has to start an assignment due in 3 hours that takes 16 hours to complete to a c grade… is watching this -_-

  7. Well, I am skeptical about this exercise to “reduce” love handles. As far as I know, any weight resistance exercise usually enlarge the muscle so your love handles would stick out even more. The love handles appearance is the result of the angle of our pelvis structure. I have them all my life and I am 69 years old male being not overweight and relatively physically fit for my age. I have flat stomach but with the love handles because my pelvis is straight so I have a flat buttock instead my pelvis should be angled back so I would have a much deeper low spine curve. In the later case, men usually have protruding stomach but no love handles. So, the only help in this area is to lose more fat but still it’s not possible to change your physic without surgery.

  8. I’ll never do that dumbbell thing because I never liked how it looked plus what you jus told me

  9. never done the dumbbell sidebend but see loads doing it at the gym but next time I am in the gym I am finally getting to get rid of my crappy love handles!!