The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video – Bodyweight Only Total Body Workout

Weight Loss Tip: Make sure that you get as much sleep as you need when you are losing weight. A lot of people do not realize that sleep deprivation causes your body to produce more of the hormone that makes you hungry and less of the one that leave you feeling full.

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  1. this was the first one of your videos that I ever saw, strange thing – I do
    it every time after my warm up, like a second warm up and can’t start my
    other routines without it :D

  2. Thank you very much for this! I used your work out and lost 17 pounds in 4
    months 😀 With healthy diet, of course 🙂 I was Obese Type 1 (BMI= 26.3
    kg/m2), now I have achieved normal BMI (22.8 kg/m2). You have been my

  3. What I love most about FitnessBlender is that your videos are not
    artificial at all. Awesome.

  4. So I thought I would do this work-out 10 times (the full versions of each
    exercise) for fun, it wasn’t fun but very tiring and sweaty but with a
    sense of achievement.

  5. Hello, I am new to fitness blender. Usually I hit planet fitness on my way
    home from the office . But this week my car ended up in the shop which is
    making me work from home. On my break i browsed youtube to find workouts
    while at home. This is working great. I performed the complete 15 minute
    work out and completely covered in sweat! Yes , I am over weight from
    working behind the desk and have been attending the gym for several months.
    This site works out great for me while I am at home waiting for my car to
    be fixed. Thank you so much for putting the videos on youtube!

  6. The wall sit is so painful after the jumping jacks. Am I not flexible
    enough or is it really supposed to be that hard?

  7. Been doing this for a long time, coming back to it I feel my muscle groups
    have grown used to it all. At 50 it is a solid workout. I WOULD recommend
    doing a chart of the exercises as you can either beat you reps of ensure
    you don;’t let it slip. This is the key a CHART!

  8. There’s no many versions of this available, but I keep coming back to this
    one. I think it’s Kelly’s personality and presentation style. It feels like
    a good friend is talking me through it.

  9. my abdominals are sore the next day when I try to do this again. should I
    just grind through it or take a rest day? is it normal to feel sore when
    you first start?

  10. Great workout videos thank you both so very much! Can you please tell me
    where I can purchase the ‘black step up box”. Thanks a bunch!

  11. I’ve got Arthritis in the lower back since I was 11 and now I’m 21, is this
    workout right for me?