Weight Loss Tip: Drink water every day and every time you are thirsty. Water has a great property of removing toxins from your body, which is the flushing effect you experience after drinking a full 8 cups of water or more each day. This flushing is also useful in reducing weight, as you are cleansing your body and able to reduce your sugar intake as well.




  1. I don’t get how this makes sense, i’m 205cm and weigh 128kg. 105cm around my waist, 113 at my hip and 46cm around my neck. It put me at a 33% bodyfat and labeled me as obese. Now i’m not lean i’ll admit that, but i’m very far from being obese. Any help?

  2. what if you do specific neck training does this inflate your BF% with this method?

  3. Finally an explanation on all the methods. But now make a video of you doing a dexa scan now please! I would love to see the results to compare.

  4. I feel lean but this measurment gave me a hell alot of body fat percentage than what i thought ..

  5. this makes me sad. I’ve had under 20% BF for a month now, using the scale with the thingies you hold at the gym, using calypers or what they are called at home, different calculators online. One even gave me 13%… But most of them are around 16-18% BF. This one gave me 23%… I’m a girl. With big booty. The measurements for women is around widest part on the hips. Meaning I’ll go around my booty. I feel like this is a misunderstanding. I prefer to think I am 18% 😀

  6. alot of universitys will do dxa scans for a fraction of the cost. i got a 4 pack of scans for 120 from the university im an alumni at (20% discounted).

  7. 71 kg , 175 cm tall , 76 cm waist (checked it a week ago) and 35-36 cm neck (last time i checked) it says im 11-12% bf lol. I wish..

  8. According to the calculator I’m 1% body fat at 190 pounds, 5’8 height, 28 inch waist, 16 inch neck

  9. I was expecting 15% but it said 11%. (181cm, 82kg, 80 cm waist (navel), 39cm neck (smallest)) I think I have a naturally small waist which might make it inaccurate?

  10. What if you’re skinny fat? You have one video suggesting a 12 week slow lean bulk for skinny fat peeps but here you say if your at 18% your best bet is to cut. Say you had a skinny fat individual at 18% or more should they cut or do the year long bulk you have previously suggested?

  11. my body fat % is apparently 32.6 but I don’t think I look like someone who has 32.6% body fat :/ granted this number comes from a scale I have.

  12. I personally eyeball myself, squinty eyed from 20′ into a mirror in a darkroom. 3%. Looking good Greg!

  13. I got a result of 11% bodyfat while being 186cm tall, 81 kg with an empty stomach, 40cm neck and waist being 82cm. I would say I’m closer to being 13-14% probably

  14. Got 14% at 185 cm, 87 kg, 40cm Neck and 86 cm waist.
    My scale that has the foot electric impedance measurement said I was 17.5%
    Who is lying to my face!?