The Best Ways To Lose Flabby Arms Without Push-Ups : LIVESTRONG – Fitness With Amber Nimedez

Weight Loss Tip: Don't forget about the short term in weight loss. While you have these great long term goals, you don't want to forget about the short term goals that get you there. You should have short term goals in place that are going to keep you on the right path to the bigger picture in your weight loss efforts.

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Push-ups aren’t the only way to lose flabby arms. Find out about the best ways to lose flabby arms without push-ups with help from an experienced fitness instructor and exercise therapist in this free video clip.

Expert: Amber Nimedez
Filmmaker: Richard Benton

Series Description: You should always try to build your exercise routine around exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish, as not all exercises are good for the same goals. Get tips on how to build an exercise routine that is right for you with help from an experienced fitness instructor and exercise therapist in this free video series.




  1. Will this workout make my shoulders bigger too? I just want to lose my flabby arms and don’t want my shoulders to become bigger.

  2. Hi, do these exercises build muscle? bcz i want to lose my flabby arms but i don’t want gain muscle.. 🙂

  3. I did this but damn my upper back hurts like crazy. is this normal? I dont usually work out my arms 🙁

  4. Hello Amber from LIVESTRONG!
    I’m a huge fan of this workout. I work in a small gym for women and they really want a full length video of this workout. I would like to make one and post it on youtube (Giving you full credit, of course.) Would that be ok? Does anyone know if there is a copyright on workouts?

  5. It’s been almost one month and I’m seeing no results at all, despite doing this with cardio and eating healthy as well. Does it even work?

  6. hi I think your video is use full and I do agree on the fact that push ups aren’really the way but is there a way where you loose flabby arms without gaining bigger arms or gaining a lot of muscle ?

  7. Miss Nimedez, great video.I have one question,since you’re using only 3 lb weights,can these exercises be done everyday?

  8. I need to see what on earth you’ve done to your shoulders blades. Are they overdeveloped? Are you giving us overdeveloped shoulders? I already look like steve erwin.

  9. While i researched the “fetching tuti space” on google, the results I stumbled upon persuaded me to try out this! I actually began shedding excess weight almost immediately. My buddy also followed the plan along with she lost 16 pounds.

  10. great video-she’ s to the point…many exercises shown remind me of Jennifer Kreis, pilates the method series (which are body and mind changing in an amazing way)….great instruction!!!

  11. for all those who are asking about will it make or muscles bigger – let me tell you – muscles always build when you increse the weights and do less repetiotions so do these exercises with a little or no weights and increase the number of repetitions – u will pnly loose the flabby arms and muscle mass wont increse thanq

  12. Probably most effective and to the point video. All the other bat wings are just soo much talking involved

  13. Thanks Amber. I’m gonna definitely try this. Hope it helps. But it would be better if you do it slowly and follow all the steps so just follow you. That will be easier for beginners like me