Stomach Fat Destroyer Workout

Weight Loss Tip: Being overweight can cause extreme frustration with some people. It can make you want to punch something! Well, use this frustration to actually lose the weight and literally punch something. Boxing is a great, fun exercise that will help you lose weight. Just make sure you're punching a soft surface.

Destroy your belly fat! This video shows how:

(00:47) Side to Side Pushups
(01:23) Mountain Climbers
(01:53) Jack Knives

Hey guys, its Mike Chang. In today’s workout, Sanela and I are working on our chest, shoulders, triceps and our abs. We decided to make the workout more intense by cutting out the rest times. Its all bodyweight exercises, so you don’t need any equipment to do them. Plus we are working out against the time so you don’t need to worry about counting your reps!

First exercise: Side to side push ups

This exercise is just like a regular push up except you are moving your hands and feet together to the side as you do a push up. This movement will work more of your shoulders, engage more core and ab muscles.

Second exercise: Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers is simple yet very effective for burning a lot of calories. Without rest, go from the side to side push ups right into the mountain climbers. It’s a killer way to work your core and burn the hell out of your shoulders too.

Third exercise: Jack knives

This ab exercise works both your lower abs and upper abs at the same time. To do the exercise, just lay on your back, crunch up and reach for your ankles while you raise your legs up at the same time. This exercise will work both your upper and lower abs at the same time. You can use weights to make this exercise more challenging,. But try it first without weights but either way, I’ll bet it will create a great burn for your midsection.

It’s everyone dream to have a tight lean stomach, many people are doing the needed exercises but not doing the right exercises and in the right order. Learn to listen to your body, understand and really feel the muscles working. Make sure you check us out on our next episode and train as effectively as possible.

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  1. hi bro I Good morning i am SIMANCHAL DAKUA
    I am from India ,I want to know which type of exercise do for side fat. Please say

  2. hi bro I Good morning i am SIMANCHAL DAKUA
    I am from India ,I want to know which type of exercise do for side fat. Please say

  3. MISLEADING TITLE ! where the fuck is the fat stomach remover? i only see u 2 doing core and upper body stregthening exercises. this exercises have nothing to do with fat removal from stomach.they will only make ur stomach bigger. if u wanna lose fat u have to lose weight. stop mocking people who have no clue about losing weight. u are the shame of fitness idiot mike