Weight Loss Tip: A great motivator on your weight loss journey is to take photos along the way. Once a month, every ten pound,s or at some other regular interval, snap a photo in the same clothing, and marvel at the changes in your body. Humans are visual creatures, so seeing the weight loss in glorious color can be a great motivator.

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Hi! I’m Jane!
This exercise helps to burn lower belly fat and also tightens your skin!
It will also activate your natural metabolism for 24hours after workout!
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How to get perfect body shape and sexy hips & butt for women? Easy!


How to lose weight and belly fat fast easy and naturally at home in 10 days even if you are a teenager?


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  1. lol omg I just realized I’m watching this while eating a friggin cookie XD

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  3. How do you get motivated? Like I always say “I’m going to do it tomorrow” & find some good music to workout to. But then when it comes to working out I always end up saying “Meh, I can’t be bothered” or “I’d rather be chubby and eat whatever I want”. HELP!

  4. I honestly motivate myself with my celebrity crush like what if i were to meet them one day and like they dont look for someone with my body weight. thats kinda how i do it

  5. Im not fat but my dads family gains weight with just a potatoe chip I have to work out

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  7. I don’t know how I my stomach got fat in one like WTF I eat a lot of chocolate that night dang, now really good phew

  8. Sorry to say, but this is not true. You’re not able to lose weight “fast & easy” by doing one workout, at slow pace, that only focuses on a single muscle group. Depending on your starting form, let’s say you have some belly fat, what is actually going to happen when doing this workout is, you’re going to make yourself bigger. Because you are training your abdominal muscle (The “Six Pack Muscle”), and when doing this, the muscle get’s bigger. And this is going to make you fatter.

    What you essentially have to do is just to lose fat. The best way to achieve this, is to do short and high-intensity bursts of exercises, which adds in full body exercises like burbeys and rope-skipping.

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