Review: Dexa Scan Vs SKulpt Body Fat Analysis

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Craig Capurso shares his take on a Dexa Scan vs the Skulpt Body Fat Analysis

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  1. I worked in a lab at my university that had a dexa and a few of the girls that wanted their body fat, muscle and bone density to be measured didn’t like it and said the deca was wrong hahaha.  She was on the chubby side.

    I ordered the sculpt and they weren’t kidding when they said 2-3 week wait. Looking forward to getting this.

  2. awesome! love how the expensive equipment to test body comp. is becoming a thing of the past with technology and great companies like Skulpt. thanks for sharing your genuine feedback! looking forward to using this with my clients.

  3. I imagine you have to make sure you put the device in the same place every time otherwise the results would vary? Also do you need to measure your weight with this device at all? The reason I ask is that I’m still debating whether to get the Tanita rd-901 versus this! One you have these results how does it guide your diet/exercise regimen? From what I understand exercise can’t localize fat loss so I guess that would be from diet?

  4. Nice comparison. One item you didn’t mention was the cost of the Dexa Scan. While not that important it would provide a good accuracy/value comparison. Also have you done the comprehensive Aim 12 muscle scan and compared that to the Dexa and basic 4 muscle scan? Again while not important it would reinforce the accuracy of the device against the “standard”.

  5. Hello, so I have been using the Skulpt for a few weeks and I have a question maybe you could clarify better. When using “quick test” from the phone app when it shows the picture for quads it shows them measure on the right side, such as you did in this video. But the video tutorials for quads show the middle of the thigh os where to place the skulpt. I was wondering which measurement spot is the correct, or more accurate one? I’ve experimented with both areas and it’s about 1-2% body fat/MQ difference. Was just wondering if it matters one way or the other for more accurate results. Thanks! And great vid!

  6. So you’re freinds with the owner of the company and he is a ‘good guy’. Nice trustworthy premise for a review…NOT

  7. What a great concept. Thanks for the video. To other commenters: a cursory search will show you that this device is not as great as you might expect. Many people complain about charging problems, software bugs, and the unit eventually breaking. For $149 (currently) this ought to give you pause before rushing out to buy.

  8. Hey man! Thanks for the review. I contacted Skulpt before buying the device (I’m going to pick it up soon from my local post office) asking about the new algorithm. You probably heard that there was a discussion about the old and new algorithm. Other reviewers said the old accurate was the best one and some people even try to install the old version of the algorithm.
    This is their reply:

    Hello Lorenzo,

    During the last 6 months, we conducted an extensive study comparing Skulpt to DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry), the gold standard in body fat measurements. We found that while our previous algorithms were accurate for most people, there was room for improvement. With the new algorithm, we get really excellent agreement between body fat measured by DXA and body fat measured by Skulpt.

    Every time a muscle is measured, we actually capture thousands of data points. Our original algorithms for total body fat used the average of the fat percentage from biceps, triceps, abs and quads. What we found during our study, was that we could get an even more accurate measure of total body fat by using the underlying data for triceps, abs and quads, and combining them in a more advanced way. A downside is that the results for total body fat aren’t always what you might expect from just looking at the data from individual muscles. But the benefit is that the total body fat measurement is more accurate as compared to DXA. Now that we have updated the algorithms for total body fat, we’re working to optimize the algorithms for individual muscles and will release those soon.

    I was wondering if you knew any of this stuff and what do you think about it, and also how are the measurements going ^_^

    Thank you again for the review!

  9. Try it now since the new update, it really messed up the Skulpt Aim, very disappointed. It worked great up to that point. Now its worthless.

  10. I’ve attempted to pair my chisel 11 times. Each time it fails. Freezes up on the screen when it ask if the light turned green.