Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Weight Loss Tip: If you are going to eat food with high calorie or sugar content, try to eat it early in the day when your metabolic rate is moving at a faster pace. You are more likely to end up with excess calories that get stored as fat if you eat such foods later in the day when your metabolism is slower.

To eat or not to eat?

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  1. “lets make a video about losing weight, and then put a recipe for pancakes at the end!”

  2. Yh..restrict your calories for a short time until you inevitably add weight again…OR go vegan: go on a low fat, carb lifestyle, long term, cruelty free, and minimal exercise needed

  3. this tips are ridiculous, for starters the stick to “low- carbs” on lazy days is bull shit. Carbs don’t make u fat, that is just something the food industry made up to get u to eat more protein. FAT makes u FAT, carbs are what fuels are body & gives us energy, meanwhile the foods with a high fat percentage are those with high protein as well. If u actually want to lose weight stick to high carb, low fat, its as simple as that. Also, being active is really important, but do things u enjoy, u don’t have to spend ours at the gym killing ur self, something as simple as going on a bike ride or taking ur dog out for a long walk will do, & guess what, if u keep this up on a regular basis, U WILL SEE THE POUNDS DROPPING OFF!! 🙂

  4. Large muscles causes less stamina because big size of muscles means more oxygen.Muscles should be like bruce lee and jackie chan.They have both muscles and stamina! I am sure that by making muscles like Arnold , you can not run for long distance.Body shape like Usain Bolt is fine though !

  5. I was doing weight loss yoga and I was at 112.3 lbs and now I’m at 119.1 lbs. what the hell?!

  6. I have a lot of muscles in my Hands there so big and like 5 percent fat but I still have belly fats

  7. i want a little six pack but i don’t even have a flat tummy well bye @ that dream.

  8. if you sit all day long watching buzzfeed videos, stuff your face every meal, and still only have 13% body fat as a male, where do your unused carbs go? i’ve never heard of your digestive tract being able to predict and only take from your food the amount it predicts your body will need based on frequent habits.

  9. technically, it depends on the kinds of carbs that you’re consuming. Eat as many simple carbohydrates (FRUIT) as possible since it gives your body fuel, but stay away from complex carbohydrates (PROCESSED SUGARS: OREOS, DORITOS, ICE CREAM) because they confuse your body and turn into fat.

  10. When I clicked on this video, the first thing that came up was an advertisement for Wendy’s cheeseburgers.

  11. Um they forgot about the fact that if you don’t eat, your body stores fat because it thinks its starving. Please eat people.

  12. This works great with the Weight loss green store tea im drinking. I can feel my weight loss doubly faster. I was losing 2 pounds a week with it alone but when I added this to my diet, I started losing 3-4 pounds a week.

  13. lol, silly buzzfeed. Calories in DOES NOT equal calories out. And carbs are amazing. I eat a high carb diet and have never had a problem with weight.

  14. So the ad that popped up before the video played was for McDonalds. There’s the answer right there !!

  15. The average body can hold up to 15g carbs per 1 kilo of body weight. I’m 66 kg so I can store (945g carbs) and still not gain any fat. Converting carbs into fats in humans is inefficient unlike animals. Thats why cows get fat by eating grass. Fats go straight to your fat storage. And by carbs I mean whole food plants like grains, vegetables and fruits. Your choice people.

  16. You want to lose weight?
    -Cut down on your carbs and fried food
    -Do at least 30 minutes of cardio every morning
    -Lift at least 3 times a week
    -only drink water, tea, and coffee
    That’s how I lost 70 pounds in 8 months.

  17. the reason why your not losing weight is because you are watching buzzfeed and eating and sleeping all the time. simple

  18. I exercises because I literally have to. I also have to run or sprint (or pole vault) if I don’t I can’t sleep, I’m always cold, my anxiety skyrockets, and finally I stop eating. Its been something I’ve struggle with for ever. Its not that I don’t want to eat. Its the fact that when I get Hungary but am not burning calories, the hunger turns to nausea. This has actually had the weird thing of that I have always had a perfect wight for my hight and build . I have never been over or under weight.