Plan To Lose Belly Fat Forever

Weight Loss Tip: A good way to lose weight is to avoid eating out at unhealthy restaurants, especially all you can eat buffets. All you can eat buffets encourage you to eat as much as you can in one sitting, and that's a surefire way to put on a lot of fat.

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  1. This was a very thoughtful video, the way u said the things. Hearing
    something simple and already known to mankind, we all know it, but we just
    need reassurance that to start a simple process of weight loss, we do not
    need crazy diets, we do not need flashy gyms, just get up and walk! Go to
    the market and buy vegetables, listen to audiobooks while u walk! That
    sounds the type of life I would like to have, rather than counting calories
    and worrying about gym memberships, supplements timings, crazy schedules.
    Thanks Elliot! Best one I have come across to date.

  2. Bend Dover: ” hey elliot. im fat asF. I need to lose weight. help me.”
    Elliot:” no sugar. no bread. no rice. no fruit. drink only water. eat only
    vegetables. no ifs ands or buts!”
    Ben Dover: * ties belt to ceiling n hangs himself *

  3. What do u guys eat to breakfast if u follow this diet? I eat oatmeal but I
    need milk to that. Any advice?

  4. still ate bread, rice and drank vitamin water. that plus Insanity workout.
    lost over 80 pounds. Shaun T knows best. :)

  5. I got rid of soda and I saw a very fast result. I replaced it with spinach
    and water in a blender. or just a whey protein in the morning no juice or
    sugar drinks.

  6. I’m 25 yo atm and I have exactly the same issue. I’m fat as fuck XXXL. 234
    pounds. And.. without no special trainer or whatever I came with the same
    conclusion as Eliots training.

    The only thing I need is some good program for lifting. I want my body to
    get big. Muscle-wise. I want them to be seen. So far doing standart
    up-down-cardio-day off bro split.. But i am afraid that there is hardly any
    increse in power after 2 months of training :/

  7. Rugby = More manly than pussy American football a.k.a handball because
    football you play with your foot and it’s football not soccer !

  8. Lmfao did you say his name this way because it sounds like Bend over? it
    does look like a troll

  9. dude you’re wrong. without carbohydrates the body would start to use
    protein from your body muscle. it’s smarter to stop eating fastfood or
    sugar but bread and rice is essential for a diet. eliminating will degrade
    your body

  10. This handy guide was excellent! I also searched for “loli special plan” on
    Google and within one week I had shed 9.5 pounds. You should check it asap