Organic NonGMO Chicken Feed!!

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  1. Thanks for the feed back blakeinkzoo:) I personally do not trust our government to regulate the term organic. I did a little research and found that the FDA is still defining the term organic. Crazy stuff going on:( I so appreciate the feedback though! What type of feed do you use?

  2. I know:( I can’t tell you how long a 25 pound bag last unless I know how many chickens you have. I would also need to know if you free range your chickens:)

  3. You can get Scratch and Peck’s 40lb bags through Azure Standard with really cheap shipping! It’s not delivered to your door but there are drop points nearly everywhere in the US now.

  4. this is what we feed! and yes organic has to be from non-gmo seed but a gmo crop can be grown next door and cross pollinate with the organic making it GMO, this is why scratch and peck gets their grain from farms that dont have GMO around them for MILES. i LOVE this feed all 58 of my birds eat this and do great on it! they even waste less than before! we order by the pallet and have it shipped in (it will last all 58 birds with free range time about 3 months.

  5. What is the importants of soy free feed? i sometimes feed my chicken’s soy-sprouts? is that bad or something

  6. I think like 10lbs can last 4 free range chickens about a month or more…so at least 2-3 months,maybe 2 and a half.

  7. hi i live in Long Beach, California its not that far from Costa Mesa can you tell me what feed store did you buy it from!? thank you

  8. Tell them Matt from Home Farm Ideas sent you! — The Feed Barn – 2300 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 – 949-548-3151

  9. try feeding your chicken with azolla, truly organic chicken feed, you grow them in your backyard.in a 3×3 sqm pond you can harvest 2kg of azolla every 3 days.

  10. Thanks Arvee!!! I will check it out:) What kind of lighting does it need to grow? I tried duckweed and it did not do to good.

  11. Where do you live, that they let you have chickens? I’m in Southern CA and don’t know of a city that allows them.

  12. Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, and other cities in this area let you keep chickens:) You cannot keep roosters is all…

  13. Mat – Nearest store to me is 3 hours away in Medford, Oregon. I found a recipe for chicken food. I know of a non GMO corn and wheat source. The recipe calls for corn, white wheat, red winter wheat, diatomaceous earth, hulled barley, oat groats, sunflower seeds, peanuts, wheat bran, split peas, lentils, quinoa, sesame seeds, kept. I suppose I would have to crack the corn and wheat??

  14. I bet your talking about the Feed Barn! I love that place! I just got back from there, had to buy some pig feed. I am going to get some chickens next year, and what a coincidence cause i was looking at what to feed them organically, and bingo, i saw your video! I live in Santa Ana close to the mall. I also found out that at the feed barn they have a lady who comes in twice a month and she is licensed by a vet to clean dogs teeth for 130.00 dollars. It’s a deep clean, she gets the plaque off. It’s just good to know in case you know someone who might need such a service. I will definitely buy this chicken feed that you showed on your video. Thanks!

  15. I didn’t see that it was Organic, just non-GMO displayed.  Is it actually organic as well?  Just because it’s non-GMO doesn’t mean it’s organic.

  16. thank you so much, I have been searching and now the search has ended…..can’t wait to order and get it.    

  17. always for me non-GMO eating and feeds for my chickens hogs cows and horses. Organic is a joke —   if not grown in a green house then air drift from any spraying within 15 miles can be in garden and how is water for garden being cleaned ????  A test was done for 3 years on RoundUp drift from 3 farms 500 miles apart. At end of 3 years RoundUp Ready weeds were found average of 15 miles from each of those 3 farms.  Does your county spray anything on ditches beside roads ??  Are there any air craft spraying anything around you ??   These are things organic people do not want to see but we all live in this world and these things do happen.

  18. Hello Friends please i a concrate video or book on feeding and making both Broilers and layers food

  19. Read their label it’s made from flax and sesame seed meal, basically the waste product from oil pressing.. They are charging a small fortune for industrial waste…
    Plus you shouldn’t be feeding your chickens flax, it causes liver hemorrhage in long term feed usage.

  20. I live in Canada, i have been looking like crazy for organic , bio food for my chickens and i just can’t find any place.