Organic Is A Scam. GMOs Are Safe. | Riley J. Dennis

Weight Loss Tip: Fish contain omega 3, which is essential for nutrition. Omega 3 fatty acids are an important part of the diet. If you are vegetarian or simply do not enjoy fish, flax seed contains a very good amount of these important nutrients. Adding a bowl or two of oatmeal and flax cereal or replacing a meal or two per week with fish can boost the amount of Omega 3 in your diet.

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There’s a huge debate over whether GMOs are safe or not, but the evidence overwhelming points to the fact that GMOs are not inherently unsafe. Genetic modification of food, in fact, is very beneficial. Organic food is just an overpriced scam that’s built on a foundation of pseudoscience.

Oh yeah, and I mispronounced “transgenics”. I said “transgenetics” on accident.

88% of scientists agree that GMOs are safe:
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  1. The problem with GMO’s is not the fact of them being safe. Although the
    only studies that have been done have been funded by the same company that
    the studies intend to protect (no outside independent long term study has
    ever been done on GMO’s) It is the fact of companies being able to own
    patents on living organisms. You are essentially a living organism. How
    would you like if Monsanto owned you, via DNA patents? Surely most people
    can agree that “organic” is kind of an overpriced scam. They do however,
    have to pass certain FDA criteria to be able to label any food “organic”.
    It is through similar regulation that is a difference between “cage-free”
    and “free-range” chickens. Sure cage-free sounds good and supportive but if
    you look at the true living conditions and the minimum requirements for
    “cage-free” chickens you’d be appalled. Free range chickens are the best
    option we have currently although again minimum requirements dictating free
    range allow for unethical treatment of chickens. That is the difference
    between real science and biased science used to fit an agenda or propaganda
    if you will. If you’re offended, suck it up buttercup. The world isn’t
    peaches and cream and never will be. Most people just want to have the
    right to know. Regardless if people believe the science or not. Science
    isn’t always used for good, do understand that. You seem to forget we’ve
    used nuclear weapons that demolished two entire cities killing everything
    in their path. Don’t tell me that all science is safe and ethical. That is
    just being ignorant. FDA regulations are practically a joke. Another little
    tid bit of information you’re bypassing is the fact that you had many
    people who served on both the Board of Monsanto and the Board of the FDA to
    get regulation passed to own patents on living organisms. GMO’s may be safe
    and cause no immediate harm because no long term studies have been
    conducted. None of your sources are from peer-reviewed journals. Majority
    of them are opinions. Did you go to college?

  2. Oh honey, I adore you and I think you’re addressing some really good things
    on your channel…but please do some research on vaccines. I’ve been doing
    it for years, and you’re wrong. all you have to do is Google the
    ingredients. these things don’t belong in a child. I do agree about GMOs

  3. I feel like GMO foods can also learn from the creative methods organic
    farming uses to reduce pesticides. Using bated lures to draw away pests, as
    an example. If we could focus more on increasing production and nutrition
    in plants, and less on keeping pests away, the benefits would start to
    show. Not to mention how fast killing-based methods become obsolete because
    of how fast bugs, plants, and other pests can reproduce, and become immune
    to the pesticides.

  4. What have you been smoking? You’re totally uninformed about GMOs. The
    evidence is overwhelming that GMOs are bad. Get the TRUE FACTS at
    nongmoproject.org. Why do you think most countries of the world have banned

  5. I’m completely with you that genetically modified foods can be awesome and
    there’s certainly no need to avoid them. However, I’m a little confused by
    how you juxtapose genetically modified and organic foods, when to me that
    seems like two separate issues. Some foods might not be either (not
    counting selective breeding as GM). In some instances might the organic
    version of a food be better? I have tried to buy the organic versions of
    foods that are listed as the foods for which buying organic makes a bigger

    Also, I think ideally genetically modified foods might be labeled but
    people would be educated enough for into not be a big deal. However, that
    could be too idealistic.

  6. GMO alarmists fear monger by saying GMOs cause kids to develop ADHD, like
    anti-vaxxers do with Autism. A lot of the movement is seeped in ableism as
    well as the classism that you mentioned.

  7. I agree that anti-GMO fear-mongering is hella classist, and a lot of people
    fear GMOs without doing much research. But those that do their research and
    still fear GMOs have legitimate concerns: companies benefit greatly from
    GMOs but aren’t super trustworthy. Corporations lie to the public all the
    time to increase their profits so GMOs could, theoretically, pose a threat
    that companies have purposefully glossed over in company-funded, biased

    Personally, I don’t think GMOs pose a huge threat (if any) and it seems
    unlikely that the side effects of GMOs could be worse than the side effects
    of cosmetics. People’s concern doesn’t always come from a place of
    ignorance, and I understand how people might not trust the companies
    manufacturing GMOs. But we do need to un-demonize GMOs and other cheap food
    so poor people who can’t afford expensive, fresh, organic food won’t be so
    judged for their limitations.

  8. This reminds me of the time my biology teacher last year made this argument
    and I was like, yes. Spread this everywhere.

    And guys, “chemicals” are not bad. WATER IS A CHEMICAL.

  9. GMO’s might be safe but the companies producing them are totally fucked up
    and don’t give a shit about people. so i’ll pass on that. also less
    nutritional value. local foods like honey for example, nourish your body
    unlike mass produced gmo honey which will give you no immunity support or
    other benefits

  10. All of this is false. Your analogy doesn’t agree either. Were you paid to
    make this video? I bet you were. Scientists tested GMO on rats and they got
    stomach problems, fertility problems, and they had trouble growing. They
    don’t really have a good idea of what’s its affect on humans is. Science is
    against it. After you plant a GMO you can’t go back to organic plants. This
    is extremely dangerous. DONT EAT GMO.

  11. This is so much more complicated than that… I am genuinely surprised to
    hear this over-simplified discourse from you..!
    For one, organic food is not only about GMOs but mostly about pesticides.
    And the massive use of pesticides is related to cancers and a lot of other
    health problems –not even mentioning that it pollutes the Earth.
    Secondly, while I would agree that GMOs in themselves must be safe, I
    strongly disagree on their intended purpose : as you said it yourself, the
    transfer of genes is most of the time meant to give the plant a resistance
    to pesticides. This allows the grower of the plant to spray much more
    agressive pesticides in much bigger quantities on their whole field.
    Therefore eating GMOs often means eating a lot more pesticides than you
    would by eating GMOs-free food.
    Thirdly, let’s talk about the “it’s to feed the Earth” argument. The
    principle of GMOs is to trademark a set of genes. This means that a company
    that has put together a certain combination of genes in a plant gets to own
    this set of genes and therefore can make the farmers to whom they sold seed
    pay again every year for the same seeds. The corporations that own the GMOs
    plants are there to make money, and by doing so they weaken the farmers
    growing the plants. So these corporations are not going to give their
    GMO-seeds to the countries that need it. GMOs weren’t invented to “feed the
    Earth”, and that won’t happen anytime soon.
    And there are a lot more issues surrounding GMOs. So while I agree that
    GMOs in themselves are safe, this doesn’t make organic food less relevant,
    nor does it make all the problems around GMOs disapear.
    You should watch the documentary Food Inc. by Robert Kenner, I think it
    shows a nuanced view of the food industry in the US and explores all the
    problems that are linked to the massive industrialisation of food

  12. The argument that everything is made of chemicals so we shouldn’t care
    about pesticides and herbicides in our food is flawed. Of course everything
    is made of chemicals, but some chemicals are harmful while others are not.
    I would much rather breath oxygen then carbon monoxide.

  13. Except it’s not “breeding” crops. It’s physically changing the genetic
    makeup of plants using man-made chemicals. The FDA and CDC are corrupt,
    employees with Monsanto, DuPont, etc. serve on their board. Research from
    healthier nations such as France show lab rats being decimated by massive
    cancerous growths after about 8 months, when initial trials with GMO’s in
    the US only ranged from 3-6 months. Sadly, science can be a very biased and
    opinionated field. A lot of people have very different opinions on topics
    varying with their field of study, heir the nature of their employment,
    etc. at the end of the day, we each have to do what we feel works best for
    our bodies as individuals whether that’s not eating meat, dairy, gluten,
    grains, GMO’s or whatever it may be. For me, I believe that consuming
    things as they naturally occur is the most healthy lifestyle for my family.

  14. It is difficult to take you seriously about complex matters when you
    haven’t been able to sort out simple things like gender.

  15. After 10 years of independent research in every nation on earth 53 nations
    have banned, restricted and labelled GMO’s.

  16. GMOs are actually healthier than organic because they are more regulated as
    made safer and more nutritious. The chipotle contamination occurred because
    they don’t use GMOs