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My Gym Routine for gorgeous 6 Pack Abs in time for Summer! You guys have been asking me to film this for SO long and as I recently changed and improved my routine I wanted to share with you my Ab workout which has NO Ab crunches! I can’t wait for you guys to try this out and send me your Ab selfies! Enjoy! xx


1 – Hanging Leg Raises 15 reps (3 – 4 Sets)
2 – V-Ups 15 reps (3 – 4 Sets)
3 – V-Ups with weight (2.5kg+) 15 reps (3 – 4 Sets)
4 – Hanging Side Twist 15 reps (3 – 4 Sets)

5 – Weighted Side Bends 15 reps each side (3 – 4 Sets)
6 – Lying Leg Raise 15 reps (3 – 4 Sets)

7 – TRX Atomic Pushup 20 reps (3 – 4 Sets)
8 – TRX Hillclimber 40 reps (3 – 4 Sets)
9 – TRX Pike – 20+ reps (3 – 4 Sets)

10 – Bosu Ball Twists 30+ reps (3 – 4 Sets)
11 – Bosu Ball Spider Crunch 40+ reps (3 – 4 Sets)



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Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon 600D ( and my Vlogs with the Olympus Pen (
Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light: (
What editing software do you use?
A: iMovie and Final Cut Pro


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  1. ? Ok how much time did it take you to get this abs and how many times a weak you work your abs
    You look awfully amazing btw

  2. I don’t get it! I trained like this everyday for 2 years while eating like shit!
    Where are my results?!?!?!

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  4. Love this video! Thank you so much for sharing! So do you do this once a week only? and is this the only exercise you do for this particular day? Many thanks xx

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