My 150 Pound Weight loss Transformation (Before & After Pictures)

Weight Loss Tip: Be a good nutrition role model for your child. By staying physically active yourself, and always reaching for the healthful choice when snacking or eating a meal you will put your lessons in practice. When your child sees you consistently choosing nutritious foods, it will make a much bigger impression than any amount of lecturing.

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My other Weight Loss videos:
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Got the courage to share my weight loss journey. Lost 130 pounds in 1 year, 150 total! I hope my weight loss journey can inspire others out there struggling just as I was my entire life. I know well it isn’t easy, but It is definitely possible and you can do it too! Stay strong & never give up! Consistency is the real key to successfully losing weight! Thank you for watching~

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  1. did you have any surgery to lose weight. is only because I am tire of
    people making.fun of me I am 5f 5 inches and I weight 248 pound please if
    you can give me any honest advice I am more than grateful , thank you and
    make God bless you.

  2. You will live an extra 10 years after becoming so much more healthy so
    that’s my comment to you. Well done for looking better on the outside and
    even more amazing inside.