Miraculous Massage Asmr Anti Cellulitis Massage on Belly Slagging Skin

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Miraculous Massage Asmr Anti Cellulitis Massage on Belly Slagging Skin
Hello dear YouTube viewers
today I am going to show you how we do anti cellulitis massage on stomach. well, first and second part of anti cellulitis massage you have already seen. I will just repeat them. okay now I am doing the first part and it is mostly a warm up. remember we can’t start hard right away. we have to go gradually and slow. then little by little we go a bit harder and harder. it takes at least 5-10 minutes to warm up this area. just gentle pinching and pulling and stroking. wait till skin gets warmer and red. once you see the skin red then you proceed to second part of anti cellulitis massage on stomach. and as you already know it’s a deep under skin massage. we have to go much harder now and we are going to use oil now. why we use oil, well, oil helps to to protect your skin from breaking the collagen layers of skin. that is why using the oil is important at this time. well, as I say the second part is like bursting the bubbles. because it is indeed conglomerates of fat tissue forms bubbles. And now we’re going to proceed to the third part of anti cellulitis massage, well, this part of anti cellulitis massage varies, today we are going to show you the simple way. and it is a wrapping technique. we are going to use a wrapping cellophane. make several times wrapping. make sure there’s no gaps or open areas. and she’s all ready to go. Thanks for watching and have a great time of the day.




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