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Weight Loss Tip: A great trick to implement for reducing the fast food cravings that you have is to go to the supermarket and purchase frozen vegetables in bulk. When you get home, sort these vegetables into small freezer bags, that you can microwave as a snack any time you desire to have fast food.

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In today’s diet special video on BeerBiceps, we’re covering what I call the weight loss scale. If you’ve ever wondered about how to lose weight fast at home easily WITHOUT exercise, this is the video for you. The thumbnail of the video said that this video will show you how to lose 5kgs in 1 week, I RPOMISE you, I will give you the solution in today’s weight loss and fat loss specific diet advice video. This is the ultimate guide to losing weight and shedding fat easily. Going to cover every diet protocol in the book – sugar, carbs, junk food, cheat meal, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, going saltless! Fast weight loss tips, here we go!


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  1. Very good info ! But the thing is i have covered all the things way before and unfortunately it just didn’t work for me ๐Ÿ™ I personally get started with the two weeks diet plan by Brian Flatt and guess what! it amazingly woks out for me. But hey thats just my opinion.Its a two week diet plan which anyone can follow and i have loss 3 pound in first week.I am sure this will provide tremendous value to anyone who trying hard to loose weight and believe me guys this will never disappoint you. You can check it out here: https://tinyurl.com/y8oj5kbw

  2. Sorry……..but Not only vegetarian junks but also non veg junks we should need to avoid as non veg junks are also very harmful for our body bcoz non veg like meats and all didn’t have much healthier or good quality protein rather they have fats………

  3. Video is not that much informative…..pls stop moving your hands too much….. it’s only creating distraction….too little information using lots of words.

  4. thank you soo much bhai
    I’d lost three kg in just one week
    nd I’m still following it
    doing well bro
    stay blessed

  5. Your videos are awesome. I always get motivated after watching your any video. I want a drastic weight loss. I saw ur keto diet and if diet they are best but I can’t afford it because I am still a student. So could u plz make a video which gives a blue print of combined diet of keto and IF. Which will be in budget

  6. Sir i m gyming for last 8 month around 5 days per week
    Intially i lost wait but now i m gaing weight and back to my starting weight and i m on the same diet i have taking carbs in my diet
    I m getting muscular but i want i m still not losing fat
    I want to get lean what to do i dont want to be getting bulk on muscle i want to get lean

  7. Okay it actually works. I lost 4 kgs in 5 days using Intermittent fasting + Keto + weight training. Though it mostly must have been water weight. But still this really motivates you.

  8. Jo students h aor hostelite h wo kaise weight loss karenge? Help me.. there are a lots of people don’t know how to do it. Plz help me.
    Or plz Make a Video for Hostelite Students.

  9. Thanks for sharing excellent guidelines on diet….!!Keto diet is very good and effective…even I experienced in loosing weight…!!:)

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