Looking Through The Mind’s Eye | Alex Van Aken | TEDxFGCU

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As an advocate for organic, non-GMO foods and anti-fluoridation, Alex seeks to educate and share his personal discovery and transformation through a variety of lifestyle changes.

Alex Van Aken is a Florida Gulf Coast University student from Gainesville, Florida studying psychology. Alex is a strong advocate for organic, non-GMO foods, and through a variety of other health changes, Alex is currently going through a physical, spiritual, and conscious transformation.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at




  1. Super interesting. I have headaches, long time sufferer of depression and rarely remember a dream. Perhaps my pineal gland is rather calcified…Thanks for the information!

  2. He really seem to skim by the study that said our pineal gland projects photons. No, an eye doesn’t shoot out photons to receive images. I’m sorry, but I think you need to study optics a little more thoroughly. I do not see how anything he is displaying is scientific because all of his observations are based on assumption, not experimental data. I do not live my life on belief, but through logic. Sir, you are a guru not a scientist.

  3. I have a water filter that distills flouride but it’s slow as fuck. I still get like 1 or two cups of it a day but I’m the type of person that needs a lot more water throughout the day. You think if I drink both tap water and purified water and have a shot of organic apple cider vinegar a day that’ll be straight? I was wondering about this for a lil while now.

  4. Is there even an audience there? Do they appear in the video at all?

  5. Great job Alex! I’m still working on this. You said Fluoride is topical. How does that apply to showering, if at all?>

  6. Very informative Ted talk! Thank you for your dedication in your research. Go flouride free! No more poison!

  7. Wow ! This guy is giving some next level info that most normal people wouldn’t even know wtf he’s talking about. Wake up people! We are being controlled every Second of the day and this guy is telling u to wake up . Endless trapped set by the government who has the most info about life. Thanks for putting a video like this out so people can know there’s more than what meets the eye. 3rd eye is very real. And 3rd eye must be kept very strong.

  8. You can tell he was really nervous, and it got to him when they didn’t laugh at his jokes… This talk was amazin notheless

  9. How do I get access to non-fluoridated water or aka non poisonous water? does a regular water filter do the trick?

  10. My dentist basically forced me to brush my teeth with his poisonous toothpaste because apparently its the key to having no cavities! Need to share this video with him!

  11. Been looking for you brother! Hope all is well! Don’t see you much on G+ just thought I’d stop by to see how your venture is going. Much blessings brother.

  12. I too am interested in sourcing the information this guy has found, very interesting stuff!

    Have been trying to find more evidence on Alex’s claim that the Pineal can transmit photons outside of the body at the speed of light…

    very fascinating stuff

  13. Lots of information out there about poisonous fluoride and how to become sick, but how do I reject fluoride? There are a few fluoride free places to live in Florida:

    1. Boca Raton, 2. Boyton Beach, 3. Clearwater, 4. Hernando County, 5. Largo, 6. Martin County, 7. Milton, 8. North Redington Beach County, 9. Palm Beach, 10. Pasco County, 11. Palatka, 12. Pine Island, 13. Wellington, 14. Winter SpringsHow do I become part of the answer and not part of the problem?

  14. I have too many questions to accept this as true.
    Where are the references?
    Especially the brain shooting photons.

  15. Thanks Alex, people need to wake up. Anyone who defends fluoride is obviously too heavily fluoridated to understand. Didn’t know about the PG and cacao though, neat!

    I know my PG is functioning now because I feel more deeply. I care about things greater than myself. I don’t know about you but I get way more emotional now than ever before, and I think it’s great.

    People would be more in touch with what’s important instead of caught up in the monotony of everyday life, eating zombie foods and drinking poison. Unfortunately some would rather stay asleep.

  16. i have heard harmal seeds help with pineal gland. can’t hurt to try but be very careful. do not take more than 5-10 seeds a day. .also schüssler salts help. as powders of cardamom cinnamon turmeric sumac and clove. do not mix them. take them seperately

  17. as a kid i used to EAT tootpaste when i couldnt find mint candy! like literally eat it. yet here i am. i think the damage is pretty reversable when you really try and dont give up. never used fluoride tootpaste last 5 years