Joe vs Joel GMO Debate

Weight Loss Tip: As people get older, you should try to limit yourselves on the amount of salt you eat every day. These salts are mostly found in processed foods and you may not even realize just how much you are consuming. Try reading the labels of the foods that you see at the grocery store before you buy them.

In this Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense FundRAISER, Dr. Joseph Mercola debated Joel Salatin. The question “Resolved that the Federal government should mandate GMO labeling on food.”




  1. This became very uncomfortable to watch. It felt like Joe Mercola took
    this a little too seriously. He also had government intervention as his
    answer almost every time. As a small farmer, his solutions scare me.
    Asking the gov’t. to mandate and then enforce gmo laws is like asking the
    wolves to watch over the sheep. It is a perfect opportunity for them to
    put small-scale, local farmers and processors/producers out of business. I
    don’t EVER want the government to be involved with my farm or my customers.
    Joel Salatin’s answer is the only one that will ultimately work. It must
    be a free choice by consumers with no government involvement. If gmo’s
    aren’t labeled, don’t go to the grocery store. My farm and many others
    like me sell everything you need to eat/drink at or below store organic

  2. Joel is speaking in the necessary and vital spirit of our country’s
    founders. Joe is speaking like a lawyer, leaving wiggle room to corporate
    rats; death ultimately by a thousand qualifications.

  3. The debate mediator proclaiming both speakers winners and the spokeswoman
    following up thanking both of them for making this such a fun event was at
    the same time frighhtening and sickening. Joel’s metaphor of Monsanto’s GMO
    bull trespassing and trampling one’s property is brilliant and concise.
    Clear thinking people would revolt. In our grandparents day this would have
    been cause for social Armageddon. But today in America nobody loses and
    wasn’t that fun! That is except for the farmer Joel talks about. There will
    be nothing fun about him losing everything. What organizational pukes!

  4. Love ya Joel, but you’re asking sheeple to become people. In other words,
    some would have to actually WAKE UP and that goes against what the nanny
    state wants. 

  5. can’t see nothing wrong with these foods why? unless it’s toxic and
    poisionous or contaiminated products by unsafe handling
    delivering procedures but there’s nothing wrong with these foods they
    produce more foods at a low cost to produce good quality food. I’m sure
    “GOD” is please to have starving people well fed especially of climate
    change and will have grow indoors all the way to G.M. produce animal meat.
    I’m meat eater carnivore I’ll eat “MAN” if there’s no meat. “GOD” got man’s
    back for life in the grace and mercy of the lamb..F*T*P..FREE THE
    PEOPLE..jaHRah!!..A f**ken”MEN”.. 

  6. well world? don’t you want 2 be well feed, love going hungry do you, see I
    hunt meat cause I’m a meat eater mixt wid vegetables out of my garden, but
    have a good enviroment to grow with good rain and good sun, but some
    enviroments don’t have that luxury (a bad season for the crops) unable to
    feed their people, the population keeps growing you’ll need more food to
    sustain or the people will starve to death “GOD” don’t like u know
    “MANKIND” it’s disgusting to his eyez, the is comming for foolish men to
    accept judgement for his greed..”GOD” is here to save us..mercy of the
    lamb..F*T*W..FREE THE WORLD..uRAh!! A f**ken”MEN”

  7. Jeebus! It’s already past 38 minutes, and NEITHER Joe nor Joel has yet to
    take the stage. I’m going to watch something else and come back to this

  8. This debate was awesome, it keeps working different angles and trade offs
    in my mind, helping me begin the journey to my own thoughtful arrival to an
    answer that is clear to me. Thank you all for putting this event together,
    for the people who paid for it and for the amazing debaters whose passion
    is bleeding through their words. This should be done again and again as
    more data and new arguments arise. Stay hungry, my friends!

  9. “The only thing worse than doing nothing is doing the wrong thing too

    There’s a lot of wisdom in that. Many times a “stopgap” measure becomes
    difficult to overcome because those with evil motives want to keep it for
    its weaknesses.

    I listened to this not knowing Joel at all but being a fan of Joe Mercola
    but Joel’s remarks are strong and well-considered.

    What’s clear is that the FDA is the *enemy* of the American people and more
    unanimity of the people needs to be gained.

    Why? So that our *evil, self-serving politicians* will hearken to the
    people who can put them out of office. These criminals stood by silently
    while a foreigner captured our highest office.

    This is one fact Joel seems to not be taking into account. He thinks we’re
    still “America: the land of the free and the home of the brave.” He shows
    no recognition that we’ve been sold out to the bankers because our leaders
    are criminals.

  10. Iama, don’t elevate me to any higher level, thank you. But there is this
    thing I like to do. It’s called thinking!

  11. debate starts at 39:00

    I used to be in favor of labeling. No longer. I get it. The same reasons I
    am not certified organic apply to labeling GMOs. I do grow organically,
    probably beyond what 99.999999% of what anything capable of being certified
    does. But I refuse to get certified. My customers know how I grow tomatoes.

  12. Both have good points, however, Joel makes the most sense IMO. Legislation
    and the enforcement there of makes the government bigger and stronger,
    because they take responsibility from us.
    The only way to make heaven on earth is to live it, and not enforce it.
    Comparing Europe with USA is not realistic, as the EU is very young, but I
    can tell (being an European) the euro-politicians are doing what they can
    to gather more and more power, as politicians do …. Why not have the 2
    combined ? You CAN buy FDA labelled food, if you want and don’t have the
    time to find (good/local) food yourself, AND you can buy un-labelled food
    from a local grower, (at your own risk). Let the big companies label and
    produce for the people that just don’t care what they put in their mouths ?
    So you know that the labelled food has SOME kind of standard ….

  13. WOW Joel kicked Mercolas behind on this debate, which totally surprised me,
    and I like Mercola. I was also totally for labeling but Joels arguments
    are totally correct.

    Once that door is open with the feds it will NEVER be closed so there will
    be NO duel protection, it is going to be ALL or NOTHING.

    I also totally see how the GMO companies would want this. They are going
    to use it to SHUT DOWN the all non GMO farmers by sending in their HIRED
    fed agents to find GMOS even if they have to plant them there.

  14. Joe keeps moving the goal post and avoiding the hard hitting questions.
    The debate was suppose to be about Federal labeling, yet none of Joel’s
    concerns about that fact were ever addressed.
    Joel points out the Federal governments part in allowing Monsanto to destroy
    the property right of farmers and explains how this is what has kept
    Monsanto alive to this day. Monsanto is a fascist mega corporation!
    If the government would just start protecting the rights of the individual
    farmers Monsanto would go under trying to pay for all of the property
    damages their invasive species cause. It’s really that simply.
    Calling Joel idealistic doesn’t have any impact on the validity of the
    Occam’s razor tells us the simplest answer is often the correct answer.
    Federal labeling as it stands is a joke and to expect GMO labeling to be
    any different is worse then idealistic it’s simply foolish.

  15. Someone please tell me who won. It was such a crappy format and lousy
    debaters that I could not stand sitting through the entire thing.

  16. Mercola is a not a heath expert, he is a tinfoil hat crazy quack.
    Mercola believes:
    1. Vaccines are bad for you.
    2, Tanning beds are good for you.
    3. Sunscreen is bad for you.
    4. HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.
    5 Chemtrails … how our government is trying to poison us.
    6. Wifi is going to kill you.
    7. Your microwave oven is going to kill you:

    Everybody is allowed one crazy believe (maybe two), but it you agree with
    three of the above, you may be a quack too.

  17. Joel Slaton definitely won, but he needs to get in touch with Neil Farage
    because that argument about the EU that Joe put forth was a really easy one
    to crush. The EU has usurped the nations democratic processes in Europe is
    that what we want No

  18. I think the ultimate solution is for the government to MANDATE and allow
    long term testing (via multiple unbiased facilities/organizations on
    multiple levels – privately, institutionally, etc.) using controlled
    studies and other approaches to test the safety and long term effects of
    GMO foods in not just rats or prime mates but in humans. It can be done.
    This would be the “tell all”. But such research isn’t allowed to my
    knowledge. Long term safety being the safety of consuming GMOs for 2 or
    more years, not just only 3 or so months as is the current scientific
    research that is used by so called scientists in proving long term safety.

    But the fundamental problem is that both sides of the argument don’t have
    substantial and ADEQUATE scientific evidence of long term safety – it’s

    It’s like with cigarettes: we didn’t know how bad smoking is/was until the
    numbers came in and research was done… years later that is.

  19. I can’t see what anyone finds credible about Mercola. Salatin is 100%
    credible, all you have to do is visit his operation and actually see the
    results of his labor and philosophies. 

  20. Joel Salatin, a true american hero. Fighting for our freedoms while we, the
    public, watch the kardashians.

  21. I recently attended an organic agriculture conference where there was a GMO
    debate. These debates allow us to get both sides of the story and hopefully
    spark our interest to do some research and make an educated decision. “GMO
    OMG” is a great and simple to understand documentary on GMO, so if you’re
    here (like me) trying to learn more about this topic I’d add that to my
    list. Great video! Can’t wait to finish it. 

  22. Regarding leaving the issue in the hands of State legislatures, this
    solution completely ignores the Interstate commerce implications of the
    issue. Most people would agree that the Feds have a legitimate
    Constitutional role to play in protecting the U.S. population as soon as
    commerce crosses State boundaries. But, as Joel points out, there is
    certainly an argument that can be made that we must do all we can to keep
    the Feds out of our lives wherever possible. They do not know the meaning
    of judicial or legislative restraint. IMO, one of the most frightening
    things you will ever hear a Federal agent say is, “I am here to protect

    However, I believe the whole issue is a red herring, perhaps even
    promulgated by the GMO food producers and researchers themselves, to keep
    us from focusing upon the most important issue, which is public safety.
    While I would certainly prefer having an easy way to determine if a food is
    GMO based or not, I could live without Federally mandated labels that
    conveniently provide that information, since, as Joel points out, there are
    numerous other ways for me to get that information about the food I eat.
    However, the REAL issue that all of us, INCLUDING THE FDA, SHOULD be
    concerned about, is the fact that there has never been any long-term DOUBLE
    BLIND research on any of the GMO products that are being presented to the

    The Feds absolutely refuse to allow a new medicine on the market until it
    has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, VIA EXTENSIVE DOUBLE BLIND
    TESTING, that it is safe for human use. And typically any given medicine
    will only be used by a very small percentage of the population that has the
    medical problem the medicine addresses. Yet the FDA requires every new
    medicine to undergo multiple levels of testing that can take several years
    to complete. However, in the case of GMOs, as we all know, they are
    allowing the Monsantos of the world to do zero double blind testing before
    feeding their genetically modified products to every man, woman, and child
    in our nation. And they dare to call that an acceptable “scientific test”,
    even though this so-called “research” has been conducted for nearly 20
    years without any government supervision or oversight, double-blind control
    groups, or other acceptable proven scientific limits or guidelines. and all
    without public notice or warnings of any kind. We would not even think of
    allowing any other industry such carte blanche access to the general
    population when the potential health consequences of failure were so dire.

  23. Debate actually starts at 41:38

    Unless you’re interested in long intros and setting up microphones. :-)

  24. joel is getting some important things mixed up

    people absolutely have the right to know what they are purchasing

    if you don’t want to provide it to them they can choose to buy from someone
    else who does

    if you lie to them about what your selling them you are committing fraud

    i understand the fear of giving government power to shut people down, but
    equally creepy is that government is in some cases trying to prevent those
    that do have non-gmo products from labeling them as such

    pursuit of happiness has nothing to do with it, that is just a poetic line
    of nonsense

    mixing it up with entitlement vs right is a .. i don’t know, i would call
    it a red herring but i think he didn’t do it on purpose

  25. This is good debate with good points on both sides. I am not sure it will
    make any difference in the long run for one reason. non-GMO is 3 to 4 times
    more expensive in all forms because of how late in the game all of this
    coming. I do like Joel’s point on property rights. The concept of companies
    owning genetics in the first place is fundamentally wrong. Fix that and you
    fix all the rest of this. The profit motive associated with owning those
    genetics after the seed or organism is sold to the farmer is the driver
    behind the issue. Most people I would guess do not know this and the
    “right” of ownership extends to whomever has that organism. If you grow
    anything in your home yard that has patented genetics, you do not own it,
    they do. An that is very close to everything at this point. Try to go buy
    seeds for almost anything and what you are buying is a license to use that
    product and not the product and this is wrong!!!

  26. GMO crops are not harmful. There is a lot of activism that uses bad
    science. The rat tumor study was retracted. It was not peer reviewed. Turns
    out they were using a strain of rats that were predisposed to developing

  27. new world order, thats why the little guy gets beat up. corporations rule
    the world and the gov is in debt. keep eating gmos mac tek your a real
    smart cat, gmo is part of the idea that everything can be controlled and
    regulated. grow your own and learn something instead of consuming
    everything you see and hear. clowns. atta boy joel you the man

  28. dude on the left doesnt know or do shit with his life. period. scumbag ass
    death eaters. true living organics will persevere. fuck you dude on the
    left. GMOS should be completely illegal

  29. Dr. Joseph mercola you clown. narc ass clown. your a child. chemtrails
    getting sprayed all over the world. people and farmers the land the people
    the plants and the animals all have rights. guy on the left is not a doctor
    and is chalk full of poo

  30. When Joel was asked how he would avoid GM foods if they were not labelled,
    he responded, “I would eat organic food…”

    So how would Joel know if certain foods in the supermarket are organic?

    Joel made some valid statements but his logic is ultimately very faulty.

    Mercola is far more rational. Of course we need mandatory labeling of GMOs.

  31. I see a lot of oil byproducts at this event. Couldn’t they at least have
    dressed in hemp clothing? Sheez.