Jazz Needs To Lose Weight Before Her Bottom Surgery

Weight Loss Tip: Are you wanting a nutritious treat that your children would love to eat? Try making caterpillar kabobs. Cut fruits such as fresh pineapple, oranges, melon, apples, and strawberries into bite-sized chunks. Assemble the chunks of the colorful fruit on a skewer to form a fruity, caterpillar kabob. Since the fruit is on a skewer, monitor young children when they are eating this treat.

Jazz visits with her surgeon who discusses the upcoming challenges she will face.
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  1. Idc what people do with themselves but puberty blockers are not good for your body and it shouldn’t be done. not good for you to disrupt a natural thing that needs to happen to every being.

  2. Because anyone who wants their own genitals mutilated is not mentally ill. Not just that they are going to pay someone a fortune to do it…..sick puppy!!!!

  3. It’s not that she is overweight, for this she just has to lose weight for this certain surgery.

  4. She says “I have a girl brain and a boy body…. I think like a girl…..” I’m sorry but I don’t get it. What does it mean to “think like a girl?” I’m a girl and I feel like I don’t think a specific way because of it. I don’t understand…. I want to, but it just doesn’t make sense.

  5. Bruh, my BMI is 21 but my body fat % is 14.5 ( female, which puts ne just above vital fat levels). Don’t trust BMI, its inaccurate for pretty much everything. Calculate your fat% as its a waaaay better health indicater

  6. Medicine advances by doing unethical experimentation on children who most likely would’ve grown up to be normal gay or lesbian young adults if left alone? OK.

  7. You know what is just crazy? That we can change our gender but we still can’t cure cancer >:(

  8. *I think it’s time for a new genocide, this time clean out the mentally fucked people like THIS guy/girl/IT*