I’m Proud Vermont Is Leading The Nation On GMO Labeling

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Speaking from the steps of the Vermont Statehouse, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders thanked Vermonters for standing up to powerful special interests and vowed to do everything in his power to defend Vermont’s first-in-the-nation law to label genetically modified food.




  1. Bernie Sanders is a LIAR. He has done NOTHING to try to defeat Donald Trump. This old man needs to take his campaign manager, (plain) Jane Sanders, back to VT, go to SLEEP. Forget it, Bernie, you are NOT the Democratic nominee for President of the US. Perhaps you need to go back to the 60’s days of the Haight Asbury in SF. You are OVER, Bernie. Get over it, LIAR!!!

  2. I just want u to know this; if u were doing and saying what u know is right, and I DO mean what u know in your heart of hearts to be right then I just don’t know about u and what u stand for. I believe in GOD,do you? if you do then what in GODS name are u doing backing Obama and Clinton? nobody that believes in GOD and america could ever and I do mean EVER be behind Clinton and Obama. is your soul burning in hell for all eternity worth it? oh Mr sanders think about what your doing and why, the real REASON WHY ur doing what your doing! I will pray for you

  3. To Bernie&Jane Sanders&all your associates&attachments political&professional&personal&any+demonic,corrupt or dark entities,The Lord Jesus Christ bind&rebuke&cast you all far from me Mary+my family+me&God’s House&stuff in Jesus name amen.Mary

  4. When people read (and understand) the U.S. labeling act they passed, they know it is a farce because of the way it was written. I will assume the state legislation is much stronger than the national labeling law that the rest of us will see.

  5. The legislation that covers the country is a farce. The food producers can decide what percentage of GMO needs to be in the “food” before labeling, it need not be in plain sight, they can put the information within a barcode, and animals fed GMO grains need not be labeled, and so forth. People should read this “passed” bill and learn legalese language, to understand why Sanders is saying is just a good start because people are becoming more aware.

    GMO is a misnomer by scientific definition. The gene has not been modified, it has been artificially mutated. A modification would be grafted two breeds of apples to make a new variety. Mutation is forcing chromosomes together to form a new species never before seen in nature, such as, crossing a deer and a horse. The mother’s abort these happenings, and if not they offspring is deformed and dies shortly following birth.

    And then we have GMO’s where a food gene has some chromosomes removed and replaced with other species genes (bacteria, amphibians, or even a laboratory created chemical from a pesticide) and combined to make a species never before seen on earth.

    Originally GMO’s were classified separate from Genetically Engineered (hybrid, grafting, etc) because they are “engineered” they are created. Monsanto ‘encouraged’ the FDA in 2013 if I recall to include it in that category, because consumers were discovered more about the process. This way they can call them GE (like hybrids) but they really are not.

    And GMO seed corrupts the soil that it is planted in so that other seed will contain GMO material for up to 7 years once planted.

    Why has the FDA/USDA not come straight out and said GMO’s are definitely safe? Because then they can be held liable in a court of law, if proven they do actually cause harm to health.

    Why is it that pro-GMO people are so upset that some of us prefer to eat organic? After all food producers already label GMO exports to over 60 other countries who will refuse it otherwise, so it will not add to the expense to use the same packaging here.

    Consumers deserve a choice; especially young couples who procreate. With the rise in autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities we have seen for decades (suspicious, huh?)
    they should be less worried about taking a Tylenol, and more worried about what they have been eating. It would certainly be easier to compare with STRICT labeling. If there is any amount of GMO in it label it. Then follow the health of the families who eat it, to those who do not. It’s not rocket science and the Monsanto knows it, and wants to prevent it.

    I won’t debate what I have researched for years, anyone else can go to the European Union and dig through their research, and studies of what all those countries are saying about why some are banning imports of them them altogether, and why some ban planting them and require strict labeling on their as they continue to study the longterm effect on the animals (and consumers) who eat GMOs. They give their citizens a choice; as it should be.

    So, Pro-GMOers —- don’t worry about me. I am fine with Organic. You all can have my share of this Monsanto creation until the world declares they are safe. It makes no sense to me why you are so worried that I won’t eat it. Weird.

  6. I like to buy organic and natural. so I am glad it’s labeled Non GMO! that way I have a choice between genetic modified foods and non genetic modified food. It’s nice to know what’s in the food you eat. Thanks Bernie !

  7. plants were genetically engineered to resist Roundup but the weeds developed resistance so monsanto developed Enlist Duo basicly a roundup and 2,4-D mixture even if you doubt roundup is unsafe there’s no question about how nasty 2,4-D is if MONSANTO has its hand on it i want it labeled