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A music video urging the labeling of GMOs in food.

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“I Wanna Know” © Luiz Simas 2013
Music by Luiz Simas
Lyrics by Maria Marin

The wizards in genetics are kind enough to propose
a lot of reasons why I should believe in GMOs
It’s not that I don’t trust them – and I don’t mean to be rude –
but I still want the list of ingredients that they’re putting in my food

I wanna know, I wanna know (4x)

They say it’s to protect me, but the label never shows
how many generations will be born with extra toes
It will take many years of tests to get the final scores
by then we’ll look like the creatures in the bar scene of Star Wars

I wanna know, I wanna know (4x)

And so Mr. Monsanto, I may even try –
when I’m really really hungry – a fish with the head of a fly
If you say that it’s all harmless then you got nothing to lose
so why don’t you JUST LABEL IT – I have the RIGHT to choose

I wanna know, I wanna know

I’ll take the time to read an extra line
and (maybe) even look up a word or two
just to make sure I won’t feel insecure
when I’m out to dinner with you…
(when I’m cooking dinner with you…)

I wanna know, I wanna know (4x)


Music arranged, mixed and recorded by Luiz Simas
Luiz Simas – lead vocals, backing vocals, all instruments
Kerry Linder – female backing vocals

Videographer – Maria Marin
Video editing – Luiz Simas


The Professor:
Luiz Simas

Musical Activists:
Zé Mauricio
Kerry Linder
Satchell Haughton
Julia Haughton
Maria Marin
Conner Sullivan
Janice Sullivan
Tara Kosloski
Benny Sullivan
Nancy Kosloski
James DeLorenzo
Clara Ferraz
Cathy Grier

Smart Smartphone Callers:
Marlayna Christon
Tarik Parker
Maria Marin
Leco Reis
Julia Haughton
Pascal Sabattier
Maria Helena Bulcão
Conner Sullivan
Wilma Simas
Satchell Haughton
Luiz Simas
Cathy Grier
Clara Simas Ferraz
Lucia Simas Xavier
James DeLorenzo
Dave Evans
Lydia Simas
Carlos Simas
Paula Savino
Paulo Savino
Eliane Amherd
Didu Simas
Barbara Błonska
Bobbi Joels
Helena Coelho
Eleonor Coelho

Animal parts courtesy of:
Bear the cat (tail)
Local morning dove (head)
Dragonfly (wing)
Valdirene the spider (legs)

Stock Footage:
Thirdmillennium Footage

Special thanks to
Sam Sherman
for additional material

For more information about GMOs:
IRT (great source of information) –
Organic Consumers Association –
GMO OMG movie –




  1. Watch this video! It is truly brilliant and tuneful. ONE VERY SERIOUS CRITICISM THOUGH [because I am a PUBLICIST] . . . NEVER abbreviate GMO again! Because we have a right to know what the hell you are talking about!!!!

    the future is scary!!  all the nations and govts are lost to vandals.and only one percent understand what is actually going on

  3. Holy fuck this is awful. Not only that, there is no scientific accuracy whatsoever. Nice work, idiots.

  4. Buy organic; problem solved. Fish with the head of a fly? Cool! Where do I get one of those?

    I love how you folks just make up your facts as you go along.

    At least I can share this video around and show what a non-gmo lifestyle leads to.

  5. So idiotic, I hope no one who believes this tripe will ever be in a position of power to change policy written by people who actually know what they’re talking about. We’ve been Genetically Engineering Organisms since the start of agriculture, look at all the good it has done to Civilisation then imagine what the continuation of this could be. This is what is going to solve world hunger, not organic and locally produced as it’s too inefficient. 

  6. I could barely make it 1 minute into this before I started laughing hysterically.  Is this what the anti-science (anti-GMO) community really thinks?  Jesus Christ!  Try opening a chemistry, genetics or biology textbook once in a while.  This is almost more idiotic than most creationism videos I’ve seen.      

  7. Excellent video!!! Thank you, Luiz and Co, for paying our attention to this extremely important issue! People must have the right to choose. The video only talks about labeling…why this causes such a weird reaction?

  8. Good song! Great message! Yes, friends, the lawsuits Monsanto doles out like candy on Halloween…are what they avoid by not letting the GMO label into the US. Europeans, as usual, are far more emotionally and scientifically intelligent about what rights we have about what goes into our bodies. Not knowing can affect your choice. Choice is at the top of human rights, universally. Why not have the information? They want to take away your ability to choose by leaving you in the dark. Sound evil? Maybe not. But what are they hiding? Oh, wait, I get it! Profits uber alles! Corporatons are people, right? Really rich and powerful ones. Beware.

  9. I love this video by Luiz Simas ~ using his formidable music talent to speak about something VITALLY IMPORTANT:  the quality of our food ~ AND our right in a supposedly ‘Democratic’ society to chose whether or not we want to eat genetically modified foods prior to the years of tests logic would require to ensure their safety.  Thank you, Luis!  Other friends on You Tube ~ please comment positively if you are conscious that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

  10. Awesome work, Luiz SImas & Maria Marin!!  That’s an important issue that has been swept under the carpet, becoming unnoticed by most.  Indeed we need to press the point, not only for the sake of the GMO issue, but to raise people’s voice and awareness against being dictated by “industry standards” in our everyday lives!!!

  11. Here’s an article that can add more food for thought: http://www.nationofchange.org/2014/11/19/use-gmos-crops-glyphosate-rise-critical-diseases/

  12. This one is funny and sad. Great topic and interesting visuals. “I Wanna Know, I Wanna Know” too.

  13. Hey there, I like your track a lot!
    Am I allowed to play this song loud on a demonstration against Monsanto?
    And do you maybe even have a mp3 of it for me?

  14. Sure, Locapito, play it as loud as you can! Give me an email address and I’ll send you the MP3