How To Workout & Lose Weight According To Your Body Shape

Weight Loss Tip: Consider replacing your morning cup of juice with a glass of fat free milk. Studies have shown that people who start their day with a glass of skim milk tend to eat less throughout the day. If you must have juice in the morning, try diluting it with water.

Please READ this box for more info. Do you know what’s your body shape? This video will show you the 6 basic female body shapes and how you can plan your workout according to your body shape to see results.

The 6 basic female body shapes are:
1) A Frame (Pear Shape)
2) V Frame (Apple Shape)
3) H Frame (Athletic Build)
4) Ruler Frame (Skinny)
5) 8 Frame (Hour Glass)
6) Oval Frame

Learn what and how much cardio and strength workout you need to do and which area to focus on according to your body shape.

The shape of your body is a direct result of your genes and your lifestyle. So embrace parts of your body that you can’t change. Give your body the best fuel and exercise it needs & most importantly respect your body.

Leave your comment and let me know what’s your body shape!

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  1. im an h frame but a slimmer h like cursives h , more like hourglass but not so much , so im still gonna do distance running and push ups for the next four weeks cause my school is gonna take our weights in July in front of everyone so im practically doing this for my personal reputation.And probably look good at the same time.

  2. Hi, I’m an A-frame/ pear and I cant do squats due to an old injury. What other exercises can I do to reduce my hips and butt fat?

  3. Hello sister i’m 16 now. Can i ask you what i am in all of your body tell i have big and fat shoulder , chest,arm,thigh buttom but my waist legs hip are small.

  4. i have an oval shape and i really want to have a good figure…
    i am 17 right now.. what type of exercises should i do??

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  6. Only 2 weeks in, but a very do-able diet, 5lbs weight loss so far, and feeling positive. Well written, and not a bossy tone at all. I would recommend it to people who have struggled with dieting before. The psychological benefits are as good as the physical. *https://sites.google.com/site/dldah1im/** :)*

  7. I have Very wide shoulders,a pretty wide rib cage and tiny hips.I gain fat on my thighs (right now they look good but i’m talking generally) and have small boobs and bony shoulders…fml

  8. I am skinny in my arm /leg I’m 5 ft tall with 4inch weighting 170 pound but most in my stomach and over 50 what is the best workout.

  9. I dont understand my body type at all im 38 shoulders 25 waist on a good day and 33 waist, but i have a b cup and a big butt and store all my fat in my legs and butt. Im so confused lol

  10. Hey.. Nice video!
    I’m H frame body type so please can you suggest me some exercises to lose weight fast

  11. I don’t know what i am! I have very long legs, fat on my thighs and lower abdomen mostly. I have a small waist and my hips are just slightly larger than my chest. I don’t gain weight that easily and i don’t loose weight very difficully but I’m struggling with the last 6lbs

  12. I’m confused I have broad shoulders ,32 bust ,27 waist ,37 shelf hips ,all measurements in inches. I gain fat in my upper arms and lower stomach but my legs are toned. therefore what shape am I ?