How to perform a 7-site skinfold body fat measurement on a male

This video will explain how to measure the 7 standard sites for measuring body composition using a caliper. Site include: chest, midaxillary, suprailiac, abdominal, triceps, subscapular, and thigh.

When you’re ready to calculate % body fat from your skinfold numbers, you can use this GoogleSheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D1gQnCKXFft8yE_sKPwnEvOA9eC0Yh-di6ftKF21dsY/edit?usp=sharing




  1. Thank you very much. very clear detailed steps. My question is how to
    determine the total body fat percentage from the obtained number. IS it
    just the average by adding them and devide by 7 ?

  2. I used this to study for my skinfold practical. Thank you for making this,
    it was a tremendous help.

  3. Finally a video of someone who doesn’t have 5% body fat. This is more my
    body type and it’s easier for me to figure out how to do it.