How To Measure Your Body Fat Percentage: Quick Q&A

Weight Loss Tip: You should add beans to your diet if you are trying to lose weight. Starchy beans like lentils and pinto beans are good sources of fiber, and they will keep you full for long periods of time. They are also a good source of protein, which is what your body needs to keep your energy levels up.

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4) How to remove hair from my chest.




  1. @HappySanta911Cousin Dude you’re ten…you have time for that…Just focus on eating healthy and staying fit..To be honest, I don’t think a 10 YO with abs would look too good. When you hit 15 or 16, 14 at least, you would look good with a six pack…

  2. @HappySanta911Cousin lmao little kids dont have real 6 packsall it sis that they are so skinny u can see the little small muscles they have .dont worry about it ust wait till after puberty trust me after that do ab workouts and ull have a pack as long as ur body fat percentage is below 12 percent

  3. is 20% body fat bad for a male age 18 215Ibs 71in/180.3cm? I dont look particulary attractive but is it at least considered in the “healthy” range. I’m starting to work out so I just wanted to know so I could set some goals.

  4. @Spankydaham924 Hey mate, basically your height and weight doesnt really matter, 20 per cent body fat is 20 per cent whether you weigh 215 or 275 lbs, I am about 18% at the mo, I think 20 % is seen as reasonable but to be in the range of being fit you should aim for about 15%, good luck, just keep on setting achievable goals, try and have a target a week, such as to lose one or two pounds by next week, after 4 weeks your bf should already start decreasing.

  5. @MDGravey15 right so I’ve been working out runing and weight lifting for nearly a week now and I’ve actually gained about 6Ibs. I dont really look any different so is that muscle or what? Do I need to do more cardio?

  6. @Spankydaham924 6 pounds in a week? that is quite extreme, it depends on your diet, I am assuming your not taking steroids, lol, the best way to burn body fat is High Intesity Interval Training (HIIT) do this every morning 20-30 mins, as that will help you to burn the optimum amount of calories, I don’t get how you could have put 6 pounds on either fat or muscle in a week, Have you upped your daily calorie intake by too much? Try to avoid white carbs, such as white bread and rice,

  7. @MDGravey15 go for brown, keep your fat intake low, I am trying to get my head around why your weight has increased by 6 pounds in just one week, did you use the same scales? You don’t really want to do too much cardio i.e. more than 40 mins at a time or you will risk burning muscle instead of fat. use one of the online calculators for your basal metabolic rate, and workout how many cals u burn per day working out, then eat about 500 cals less than that total each day to lose one pound

  8. @Spankydaham924 of fat per week, or 1000 less to lose 2 lbs per week, do not exceed this as it will be unhealthy weight loss and easy to put back on when you stop training so much. get back to me, and let me know what progress you make by next week mate. hope this info helps, it is quite basic, but the principle involved in training are very basic, cut out your sugars etc, and just stay dedicated, after one week you wont notice much difference. take a picture of yourself now,

  9. @Spankydaham924 and then one in four weeks, you will see the progrss then! if you dont you need to evaluate whether you maybe cheating a bit on your diet or something and mix it up a bit! I am in the same boat myself not seeing any progress despite losing a whole stone but the pics ive taken through the last few weeks has made me see the gains, and it gives you a buzz and a boost! Regards Mike

  10. The hair question was clearly a joke, guess the jokes on you guys.. can you say gullible?

  11. LOL!! I REFUSE to believe that hair and tan question was a serious question! Clearly a joke!…….Has to be……lol……It was a joke, Right?

  12. @Spankydaham924 pay attention to when you weigh your self. Your weight can vary by several pounds each day due to meals, hydration, etc. Its possible to lose several pounds during a single workout from excessive sweating (this kind of weight loss is obviously not good and only means that you are dehydrated).

  13. Late night eating being bad for you is a myth.
    leangains * com 2011 06 is-late-night-eating-better-for-fat * html

  14. lol petty sure that hair loss question was a troll. he was making fun of the before after pics u see on tv haha good question.

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  19. Came here to measure body fat percentage with calipers. Instead of seeing what I want, its some Saffa talking bullsh*t. A photo? Really? Show us how to do it next time you lazy bastard

  20. did this guy ACTUALLY think you get darker and your hair falls out? i would recommend him getting his dam brain checked out.

  21. the calculator wont fucking work for me i went on like 6 sites and they all said invalid numbers entered and then i tried differnet reasonable numbers not stupid numbers and it stil said invalid

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