How to Measure body fat percentage CHEAPLY & EFFECTIVELY – calculator

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BodyFat Calculator used in video:

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We make software to calculate your body fat percentage, save tape measurements, macronutrients, associate pictures with body stats as you lose weight

How to measure your body fat with a fat caliper
How to calculate body fat percentage
Body fat caliper
body fat percentage
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  1. My body fat all gets stored on my face, my arms chest, back and belly is
    all ripped up, but my cheeks look like a pigs arse. If im not measuring my
    cheeks how is it accurately measuring my bf?

  2. is the supreiliac measurement chart for males accurate? Because i tried it
    and i had 7-8 mm on the scale and i checked to see my body fat and it said
    i was at 8% body fat, clearly not true at all because i have no visible abs
    yet… SOmeone please answer

  3. Just what I was looking for. Trying this for the first time today and had
    trouble at first figuring out how to do each measurement. Thanks!

  4. I cannot pinch a fold by my navel…not sure why, but I am a tad over
    weight and have fat…no problem pinching in other areas but cant seem to
    pinch a skin fold by the navel…suggestions? cant believe there is no fat
    in that area. Great vid and just bought the same caliper.

  5. Hey Guys! When taking the stomach measurement, how am i supposed to let my
    stomach sit. Do I exhale and then take the measurement, do i flex my
    stomach, or do i just completely relax my stomach and let my gut show lol.
    seriously though im concerned cause there’s a major difference between
    them. thx for your time

  6. With the first method I get 11% body fat with second method I get 7.75%
    body fat…. something doesnt add up….

  7. so what this video is telling me is that I need to get a wife before I can
    measure my body fat

  8. Hey I bought the fat caliper and did the firt method of just measuring the
    one area and got 16 millimeters what do I do with this number now? Does it
    mean I have 16% body fat?