How to Measure Body Fat (IN HOME METHOD!)

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Learning how to measure body fat at home is one of the best skills you will learn to assist you in your fitness transformation. Relying on the scale is simply not an accurate way to gauge progress since lifting weights is likely going to cause you to gain weight while you may be dramatically lowering your body fat percentage. A scale could make you think you are off track on your way to your lean goals.

Instead, mastering your measuring abilities of your own body fat will help you to determine your true progress. In this video, I show you how to measure your body fat yourself in your own home to figure out how close you are to your six pack abs. One method is more expensive than the other, however when you realize just how important this number will be to your progress, you may just find a way to add this tool to your gym equipment.

First, skin fold calipers are a classic home testing option. Are they the most accurate? No. However, they are the most readily available and don’t require the set up that a DEXA scan would. The tradeoff in accuracy is not that high, given that as you become more skilled in pinching…your accuracy could be within 1-3% of the exact number.

If you would rather use a more economical method for testing your body fat level at home however, you can easily do that as well. When you realize just what calipers are testing it becomes very easy to see how you can do this with a simple fifty cent tape measure. Calipers are literally measuring the thickness of the skin fold that you pinch when doing your body fat measurements.

If you can (easier when you enlist the help of someone else) simply pinch in the locations shown in this video and use a standard tape measure to mark out the thickness of the fold. Average out the results performed on your chest, abdomen and thigh and determine your body fat with this chart:

Ellington Darden:

1/4 inch pinch is 5 to 8 percent body fat
1/2 inch pinch is 9 to 13 percent body fat
3/4 inch pinch is 14 to 18 percent body fat
1 inch pinch is 19 to 22 percent body fat
1 1/2 inch pinch is 23 to 27 percent body fat
2 inch pinch is 28 to 32 percent body fat
2 1/2 inch pinch is 33 percent body fat and up

Alternatively, if you get your skin fold measurements either with a caliper or with the old fashioned tape measure method you can input them at https://www.escablo.com/en/app/Body-Fat-Percentage-Calculator to determine your current level of body fat.

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  1. I’m born 3 months early and have literally 0% body fat.. I also cant “build
    up fat” because of that, wich comes in handy when building up muscles! :D

  2. You’re about 7-8% don’t lie. Sub 5 is nearly impossible to achieve and only
    a VERY small amount of people are at that number. That being said you’re
    still better than 99% of the world population but you’re not sub 5%…

  3. I have alot of lower back fat. So i’m guessing this method doesnt really
    factor that in?

  4. i went from 16mm to 9mm (measured on the stomach) though i could still see
    some decent amount of flab. my abs do show when flexed and transparent when
    semi-relaxed. also my ribs clearly show. i mostly do cardio workouts and no
    strength training for the past 4 months. my waistline went from 33 to 28
    within the length of time frame. should i do strength training by means of
    stretching my body fat out if thats possible or 9mm is not enough body fat

  5. 95% of my fat is on belly. my skin on pecs and thighs, is very inflexible,
    so i can’t grab anything 🙂
    What i do is just google bodyfat % and compare myself to the different
    images – it’s not exact ofc, but close enough for a good estimate.
    If you can see abs, then you’re around 10 give or take, i guess. if you
    can’t, you’re probably 15+

  6. guys usually when you see someone at 4.9 area they may be on vitamin S so
    how they look compared to someone whos natty at 4.9 like Jeff might look
    quite different vascularity, water weight, and how dry they are would give
    different interpretations of what someone can look like at any body fat

  7. My balance says I’m over 20% BF but my skin isn’t that elastic whatsoever
    so how the fuck am I supposed to grab my skin like that? Lol.

  8. i have been beating myself this entire time thinking that I’m like at 10%
    body fat and never bothered to check, and now that I have I’ve realized
    that I’m at 5%.. this is one hell of a lesson..

  9. I can barely pinch my self I barely have body fat I’m inerextic in fat
    since I lost so much kg like 35 by eating no sugar everything healthy

  10. I’m at a 1/4 inch chest, 1 inch stomach, and half inch on legs. so 1 and
    3/4 inches total is that bad i’m confuse help please math isn’t my best
    skill lmao. My arms chest and legs have no fat really its my stomach. whats
    1 inch again, 25% body fat? I’m 26, 5 11′ is this good, bad, what do you
    think? It would be awesome to hear back from you have a good day bro!

  11. most of my body fat accumulating on my lower stomach area, can you guys
    help me what to do ?

  12. Have u watched Dr Tony Huge / Enhanced Athlete videos?. What can u say
    about the topics of their video being an athlete yourself/Body builder.

  13. according to dexa scan, the most precise method to measure body fat, jamie
    alderton has 10.9% Bodyfat and is like 200x more lean than this guy here

  14. I’m 5’6″ and 98.7kilos how the f do I use the skin calipers? every video
    shows a lean athletic test subject. can someone use a fat ass like me for
    the demonstration??? con help a guy out!

  15. you can get a good estimate, let say you weight 250lbs………(ex 1) if
    you think your 100lbs over weight ( 250-100)/ 250 = .6 100%-60% = 40% body
    fat …..(ex 2) if you think your 50lbs over weight ( 250-50)/250 =.8 100%
    -80% = 20% body fat