How to Measure Body Fat and Get Shredded Arms and Abs Fast

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Hey guys what’s up Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts with my boy Justin, the man behind the camera here at headquarters, to hit up one of my quick arm and ab workouts to show you guys just how effective my training sessions are… And also, I brought him in today to test out this brand new device called the Skulpt Aim in which not only measures your body fat percentage but also the muscle quality of individual body parts.

Video Breakdown:

0:58 – The Skulpt Aim is based on real science so it can actually differentiate between high, or lean muscle quality versus low, fattier muscle quality using electrodes to measure 24 different muscles, individually. You can get your readings in a matter of seconds, like this.

1:27 – Just spray the sensors with water to make good contact with your skin, and place it to your muscle.

2:15 – Let’s test it out on Justin… 10.7%! So a good rule of thumb for having your six pack is that if you place the device on your abs and it reads right around 12%, you should have a visible six pack. This lets you make measurable goals, and reach them.

3:07 – And, this device actually links to your mobile device with a free smart phone app that allows you to accurately assess and track your progress over the course of working towards your fitness goals.

3:15 – Better yet, Skulpt just announced the launch of its next generation product, the Chisel available on Indiegogo today for only . It’s their leaner, lighter, more affordable, but just as badass product. It doesn’t have a screen but you can still see the results sync instantly on the app. Do yourself a favor, and get one today. I’ll add the link in the description below.

3:54 – …And now, onto improving the lean, quality muscle of our abs!

Workout Breakdown:

Complete the following supersets 2x, performing 10 reps for each exercise.

4:22 – Superset 1: Seated bicep curls and reverse crunches

6:59 – Superset 2: Reverse cable curls and Russian twists

11:33 – Superset 3: Dumbbell hammer curls and barbell roll outs

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Thanks again for watching, guys. Me and my boy Justin really put in the work today during our core chiseling superset circuit. I’ve made it a personal mission to teach Justin all of the belly-fat blasting tricks that I have learned over the past few years so that he as well as all of you guys watching at home can transform your physiques into hard, lean machines.

To discover the other fat-burning tricks that I’m coaching Justin on, check this out: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SHvO

Have a blessed day!


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