How To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip: A simple step you can take to help you lose weight is to increase how much water you are drinking. Water keeps you from being dehydrated and thirsty. Sometimes people can confuse thirst with hunger, so drinking enough water will eliminate that issue. Drinking water can also suppress your appetite.

Today I show you how to quickly lose weight. Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight, this makes me quite sad, so I decided to make this video to educate the world and show everyone that losing weight is actually extremely easy & simple to do! Many people believe that losing weight requires a strict diet & loads of exercise, but that’s actually not true. It only requires 2 minutes of exercise & one egg yolk a day and you will see the weight fall off you! Take it from me, I used to weight the same as 18,483 cartons of eggs, now it’s down to 18,430. How? Watch this video to discover my amazing weight loss technique that will leave you speechless and as horny as a mountain goat.

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I lost half my body weight all thanks to @HowToBasic’s amazing weight loss technique! See results quickly! http://youtu.be/lagvQvF43tw

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  1. i’m going to the egg condements in walmart so this is how you lose
    weight…ok…its so easy

  2. I’m sure HowToBasic wasted thousands of eggs HAHAHA Umm no no no I guess a
    million? hahaha. Okay, you can proceed to the next comment now :> okbye

  3. So, HowToBasic have a girlfriend. 0o
    They are two behind the camera, who is who so ?! :o

  4. I’m pretty sure he just buys all of the eggs and what not in bulk and just
    films some of his videos all at once because if you see his toe nails at
    the end of the vid, they’re painted pink, and in his how to be gay video he
    paints them pink. So I’m almost certain he doesn’t film all of these videos

  5. Me: “what do you do in your spare time”

    How to basic: “sit in my kitchen naked doing sit ups”

  6. thankyou i lost a ton of weight after dumping some eggs on the floor and
    the weight machine and on myself

  7. Cuple of co-workers had dropped some bodyweight and I absolutely needed to
    know their secret. All they would say is Google “loli special plan.” I did
    and wow! I am finally shedding weight.

  8. I actually have an idea on why he is so light weight! Maybe he spends a lot
    of money on food in his videos and then doesn’t have enough for the food he
    needs too eats.

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