How To : Lose Weight In Just 10 days!!

Weight Loss Tip: Vitamins play a very important role in our life. Some of them can be synthesized by our body, but most of them should be included in our daily food. It is a good practice to eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, soy, whole grain bakery products, nuts and beans. Without these building blocks we become sick.

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  1. I’ve been using this product for about two months now and I have already
    lost about 24 lbs. Thank you Weight loss green store tea for having such
    good supplements

  2. I think it’s enough eating to increase weight. ..lolz..
    I eat less. .anyways I like this video

  3. Sounds like a version of the Atkins diet but you eat meat protein and
    fruit.The only trouble is,it is sucessful because it is so
    restricted.Unless you eat this way for the rest of your life,You will lose
    the weight and start eating again and the weight will come back on.Changing
    how you eat on a long term basis and drinking more water is healthier

  4. I weight 88pounds and my height is 5’2, I know its a fine weight but I just
    want flat stomach, any ideas? Please I’m going to Turkey and I want a good
    bikini body without a bloated belly..

  5. Hey you devils, stupids, idiots, jerks, etc,etc, ! Why are giving this kind
    of bad ideas to eat poultry chicken, eggs and farm fruits and foods (GMOs),
    these are the main cause for new diseases in India. If we eat these we will
    not only loss our weight but also our lives. Till our grand parents
    generation they were eating Indian Varieties only and so they were healthy
    see our Gandhi ji at age of 70 years he walked 250 kilo meters (Dandi
    March), but now we at the age of 30 are not able to walk even 1/2 kilo
    meter. Stop such video, limit your ads. to TV and News paper. Stop your
    bloody bio business.

  6. Losing weight in a week? Why not? It sounds unbelievable but in fact it
    will bring you surprising effect will, and above all, it does no harm to
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  7. is dere any other foods for chicken and fish containing d same amount of
    nutrients ???
    cause im a veggy ………..

  8. i lost 10 kgs in 5 weeks by being in juice diet……morning 1 glass or
    orange juice at lunch 2 apple and at evening alovera juice(3 hrs before
    sleeping )

  9. After ten days, you’ll go back to your normal junk food diet and gain more
    weight. Should not deprive yourself from the normal food you eat but start
    with eating less. Breakfast with fried eggs, ham and bacon and toast, but
    eat salad with some raisins to make it more tasty for lunch and tofu and
    chicken breast, boiled or baked vegetables for dinner. You won’t feel the
    dinner is bland because you have a delicious breakfast. Or have oats for
    breakfast but the usual burger for lunch and then salad (with
    strawberries) for dinner. Or have fruits for breakfast, salad with some
    boiled chicken chunks and dinner you enjoy steak and mashed potatoes. That
    is to mean, one junk and two healthy meal a day so that you won’t be
    craving for the yummy but delicious foods you’ve been used to. Try to
    acquire the preference for black coffee and green tea with no sugar.
    Japanese like black coffee without sugar and Chinese and Koreans drink
    a lot of Chinese tea. That’s why you hardly find any overweight obese East
    Asians (not south Asian women who are like walking oil drums because they
    love tea with a lot of sweetened milk). Every day, you’re gratified with
    one meal of junk food. Once in a blue moon, indulge yourself with sodas,
    chips, ice cream and pastry but not more than once a month. You weight will
    not be decreasing all the time but fluctuates. However, you’re losing
    weight slowly. Crash diet often ends in failure. Eat more vegetables and
    other foods high in fibre to help burn fats. Drink a lot of water to help
    detoxification. Take one step at time. I lost 20 kg (44 lbs) in one year
    and 10 kg more to go to meet my desired weight.

  10. +Emily Jones Lol, you made my day with that time zone thing 🙂 This
    verified forskolin you have mentioned really helped me. i lost like 35
    pounds in three month and 100000 pounds to go, lol.
    Speaking about garcinia, don’t even spend your money on that. I tried it 2
    years go with literally 0 results

  11. This product has really helped me. I have tried another brand and Weight
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  12. i wish the 12 hour am and pm times were on the video instead of 24 hr
    military time. Some people with kidney issues may not be able to eat
    tomatoes and grapefruit because they are too acidic and high in potassium,
    a no no for kidneys that are not healthy. Juicing veggies is good too.

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  14. I was wondering if within the time you are following the diet it would be
    more effective to do exercise such as a sport of some kind?

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