How To Lose Weight Fast With Ginger Water And Burn Excess Fat On Your Waist, Hips And Thighs Recipe

Weight Loss Tip: Make sure that you get as much sleep as you need when you are losing weight. A lot of people do not realize that sleep deprivation causes your body to produce more of the hormone that makes you hungry and less of the one that leave you feeling full.


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How to Lose Weight Fast with Ginger Water and burn excess fat on your waist, hips and thighs Recipe

There are many weight-loss diets and recipes to be found, and you have probably tried some. The recipe that this video presents is the healthiest and best way to lose weight naturally and without harmful side-effects.
Ginger-infused water will burn the excess fat accumulated on the zones around the waist, hips and thighs, and boost your overall health as well.


– Strong anti-inflammatory effects

– Powerful antioxidant

– Prevents cancer

– Regulates the cholesterol levels


– 1-1.5 L. of water

– Sliced fresh ginger root



Put some sliced fresh ginger root in a 1-1.5l. of water and bring the mixture to a boil. When it boils, reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes, let it cool down and strain it.


The ginger-infused water can be consumed throughout the day. The recommended daily intake is about 1 l., and the treatment should last for at least 6 months, in order to cleanse the body and flush out all toxins.

It’s very important to remember that the ginger drink must be prepared fresh always. Take it wherever you go in a thermos.




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