HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST – 7 Kgs / 7kg In 7 Days / How To Lose Weight 1Kg In 1 Day | OATS MEAL PLAN

Weight Loss Tip: Consider replacing your morning cup of juice with a glass of fat free milk. Studies have shown that people who start their day with a glass of skim milk tend to eat less throughout the day. If you must have juice in the morning, try diluting it with water.

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 7 kgs in 7 days / Lose 15 kgs in 15 days 900 CALORIE OATS MEAL PLAN /How to lose weight 1Kg in 1 Day | Lose 7 kgs in a week

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  1. Hello mam,
    Can we have oats chiila or Masala oats with vegetables in the lunch for the vegetarian . Pls help thanks

  2. Hi vicky..can i follow all ur diet every day ..like one day egg diet..next day oatmeal..then veg..like that??? Will it be effective? Bcoz eating same food throughout is difficult for me.pls reply

  3. Hi ma’am m on ur 3 days raw diet plan intend to start dis 1 after complete current 1 wanted to ask few questions abt dis. Can I skip few ingredients like mushrooms onion gherkin or any alternative? 2nd m addicted to black t so can I take 2 cups a day wid skimed milk wid Brown sugar ? Plz reply asap coz m starting day after tomorrow regards

  4. Hey Vickey what’s the calorie count of oats carrot raita u haven’t mentioned it dear… N plzz let me know can v interchange meals that means lunch is exchanged by dinner or vice versa plzzz let me know

  5. Can you please write down that how to prepare OAT Meal it was very fast… if you can really write it will be great help 🙂 🙂 Cheers (Y)

  6. Hi Vicky… It’s amazing what you are doing… I am planning to start with your 7 days oatmeal plan… But I have one doubt.. I am working and I cannot have fat cutter in afternoon.. is it fine to replace it with dinner green tea… And plz also suggest alternate to dilll leaves..