How To Lose Weight FAST!

Weight Loss Tip: If you are trying to lose weight, you don't have to give up the foods you love entirely. Lower calorie versions of your favorite foods are often readily available. Order less cheese on your pizza next time you go out, or choose low-fat ice cream instead of the full-fat variety. Switch to diet sodas or light beer.

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Sharing 5 tips that helped me most successfully lose weight!

I finally got together this video on how I lost my weight for those interested, I hope you could find it helpful and/or encouraging! Also, I want to say thank you so so very much to those of you who have followed me through my weight loss journey video, left such amazing kind comments, and continue to support me & my journey! it really means the world to me and I read every comment. Thank you!

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My eBook shares every single thing that helped me successfully lose 150 pounds in less than 2 years & keep it off. It’s like a weight loss guide for those who struggle to lose weight just as I did. I share: How to start & succeed in your own journey, How to eat & exercise for maximum fat loss, what I eat in a day, my story, answer many questions, and give lots of tips! It’s a lot more detailed, guiding, and helpful than this video, if you were curious. Check it out here:

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  4. Has anyone told you look like Amerie? Your story is so inspiring! I’m currently on my weightloss journey. I recently had my 3rd child six months ago and I got up to 350lbs before giving birth. I didn’t want to let myself get any bigger. I made a decision to start losing weight after giving birth. Today I weighed in at 230lbs. Seeing you gives me so much inspiration to keep going.

  5. Anyone tried the Brazilian seed? I was searching on how to lose weight and saw a video about it but not many testimonials. Thanks in advance

  6. I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal workouts. That insane how it is good for sane 😀