how to lose belly fat the fastest – Latin Dance Aerobic Workout 30 Minutes Sexy

Weight Loss Tip: You do not have to eat a plain salad all the time. You should avoid heavy dressings like Ranch dressing but you do not have to suffer through a salad of plain vegetables. Try adding a bean dip to your salad. You will benefit from the beans and it will make the salad taste much better.

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  1. This video I loved it very much ..though slightly difficult , contains
    correct moves and even fun to do and ever enjoyable not at all boring !!!

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  3. i started to sweat alot till the end of 4th part
    n anyone who has tried this n has experienced d results pls tell

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  5. Looks like fun. But I think that the camera man had the most exercise. Way
    to many camera angels/switches.

  6. I get lost! would be really helpful if someone were facing the back, so
    it’s easier to see what I should be doing (and right is really right, and
    left is really left).

  7. i want to loose 5 kgs very badly in 15 days plz somebody help me, I m
    having green tea, lemon water and a control diet but I drink 25o ml coke
    daily I can’t help it
    Plz friends any good suggestions

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    taking this for over 2 weeks now and I have a lost over 8 pounds!

  9. great workout! I have his Brazilian buttlift wokrouts at home.. but much
    more fun to do it on here because I fell like I am with other ppl working
    out. This is actually the first time I did this aerobic one though. Thanks
    for the workout!!

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  14. Does this work? Has anyone had results from doing this? I love this workout
    and I’m doing it thrice a week, but I really want to see results soon.

  15. whats the name of the song/instrumental that is playing on the
    background..i would like to try it out

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