How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week! (Kids, Teenagers, Adults)

Weight Loss Tip: Keep track of your progress as you lose weight. This can be a great way to boost your spirits. When you look back at where you started, you can see how well you've done, and that will make you want to push further and go farther and lose more weight.

Slim down your belly fat and see your six pack in 7 days (1 week) by preforming these exercises! Belly fat can be hard to reduce, but this will burn the fat away within no time! Great for kids, teenagers, men, and women!

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  1. Guys if u think u eat a lot this is a good basic tip… Before ur about to eat drink a bottle of water so it can confuse ur stomach so u can fill up faster :))

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  3. lol my internet was gone and I forgot this routine and all the specific times so for 1 week I was walking 10 min,jogging 20 min and sprinting 10 min

  4. I’m a 112.436 pounds and I’m only 12 is that fat? ( 52 kg ) People call me fat anyways so I’ll just go with the flow.

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