How To Lose Belly FAT (5 Easy Steps)

Weight Loss Tip: Drink water every day and every time you are thirsty. Water has a great property of removing toxins from your body, which is the flushing effect you experience after drinking a full 8 cups of water or more each day. This flushing is also useful in reducing weight, as you are cleansing your body and able to reduce your sugar intake as well.

How to Lose Belly Fat:

In this video, Ben will show you exactly how to lose stubborn belly fat FAST!*

And more importantly, how to keep it off for good! All in 5 steps…

In summary, the 5 steps are:

1) Burn More Calories Than You Consume
2) Eat the Right Foods – (at the Right Times)
3) Train Intensely
4) Always Stay Hydrated
5) Recover More, Stress Less…

If you follow those 5 steps, you WILL lose fat – FAST!*

If you’d like more information about the things Ben discussed in this video, be sure to read his full blog post here:

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*Disclaimer: Just because you follow the advice in this video, that does not mean you will be successful at losing fat, or that it will be “easy.” Results may vary, due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. However, I personally followed all the steps described in the video to burn off over 40 lbs. of fat, but that is my personal story.

How to lose belly fat?




  1. Keto diet – feels like hell the first week, can’t even lift weight
    properly. It gets better after you get used to the diet.
    Drink lots of water (3 liters a day) – pee every time

    Worth it. I managed to lose belly fat and 10kg in 2 months with these.

  2. is this okay if male is using 30 days fitness app or is it only for female
    or man and woman both can use this
    ben please reply
    i am 24 year old

  3. what the heck? 2-4 gallons of water? Are you insane? That’s about 7-14
    liters of water????? If you are not in fact a Brit. Then it would be
    between 9 and 18. If you are for real about this…. I can’t even get down
    3.5 liters….

  4. ok, so if my base metabolic rate is 1860 calories a day, then that means i
    should eat 1400 ish calories?? the cal deficit confuses me. can someone
    confirm if this is correct?