HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 3 DAYS | Military Diet, Does It Really Work? *NEW*

Weight Loss Tip: A great way to help you lose weight is to share a meal with someone whenever you eat out. By sharing a meal, you and that person will be consuming less calories than you normally would. Sharing a meal will also leave you with some money in your pocket.

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LOSE 30LBS: https://youtu.be/ZYbavwYFOEc
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FAT BURNING FOOD: https://youtu.be/HRcXeO2-ctU

So much weight, so little time…. Learn how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days safely!

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NOTE: I am NOT the creator of this diet. This is a well known diet that I decided to try to see if it actually worked. Please refer to The Military Diet website to answer any questions you may have:


Q: Is there substitutions for foods?
A: Yes. Please refer to the website above for substitutions.

Q: Did you exercise with this diet?
A: Yes, but only one day. The diet states that you should maintain your daily exercise routine if you have one already.

Q: Do you lose water weight or fat?
A: Both. The diet is able to help you slim down by burning fat and helping you get rid of extra water weight.

Q: Will I lose muscle mass during the diet?
A: No. The body burns carbs & fat first. The body only burns muscle as a last resort. Your body will NOT burn muscle tissue in the 3 days of doing this diet.

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***I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. Please consult with a professional and research the diet before attempting.***

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  1. Haha I wish there was an app that sucks the weight out. But what really one
    should do is concentrate on losing weight scientifically. I mean your body
    is all molecules, you just need to know it and create that certain balance.
    and its easy!

    Sorry, couldnt keep myself from budging in! Is someones interested, I can
    show how!

  2. GUYS I NEED A ANSWER. I am 15 years old and want to try this diet, but will
    it affect my growth???? Please I need a answer!!!!

  3. Hmmm I’m thinking of trying this next week! If I do I’ll try and come back
    and say how much weight I lost :3