How to Get Rid of MAN BOOBS (Chest Fat Fix!)

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One of the most common and embarrassing areas that men can store fat is in their chest, as it shows up as man boobs. Nothing looks quite as bad as a set of undefined poorly developed pecs on a guy. That said, there are workouts, exercises and nutrition tips that can help you learn how to get rid of man boobs and lose the chest fat once and for all.

In this video, I describe the difference between the hormonally caused gynecomastia and the much more common chest fat. In order to lose chest fat you have to first and foremost prioritize your eating. There is simply no way to burn chest fat if your diet and nutrition are lousy. No matter how many pushups or bench press reps you do, you will not be able to spot reduce the fat surrounding your chest.

A good diet plan starts with one that you can actually stick with for the long term. It does you no good to follow a fad diet that helps you to temporarily lose fat, only to gain it back a month later and lose all the definition in your pecs that you were hoping for in the first place. The ATHLEAN-X factor meal plan is exactly the type of meal plan that helps you to burn chest fat and get rid of man boobs, that you can stay consistent with.

Next, you can’t ignore your chest workouts. Lots of guys fear that doing chest exercises will only make their already big chests look bigger. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, muscle tissue is much more dense than fat tissue. This means, when it’s developed, your chest muscles will be smaller and more defined than they would be if they remained simply as chest fat. Lets face it, nobody likes to have their man boobs made fun of, so it’s worth it to learn how to get rid of them the right way.

That said, if you are going to target your chest you need to follow a complete chest workout that hits your pectorals from all angles. Check out the chest workout featured on our channel by visiting this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhMBm8r1nWY

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  1. im pretty lean and have good upper chest development but when I flex my
    chest I have no firmness on the outter nipple area. any help out there?

  2. Unless someone can ACTUALLY prove me wrong, there is NO other way to get
    rid of Gynecomastia, than surgery. It’s 2016 now and there has not been a
    PROVEN, scientifically placebo tested pill or diet out there that gets rid
    of swollen and HARDENED glandular tissue in the breasts of men. There has
    to be a well TARGETED procedure that attacks Gynecomastia directly and only
    surgery can precisely and completely remove Gynecomastia. When you work
    out, lift weights and build muscle, you only push the Gynecomastia outward
    and not “sandpaper,” it down to look uniformed to the muscles. You’ll still
    feel and experience the tenderness, and sometimes painful sensations in the
    nipples and you will continue to feel the tenderness and pain until you
    completely remove Gynecomastia.

  3. I always had man boobs, didn’t think much about them until people made
    comments. Then I started working out my chest and toned it up, all it takes
    is someone talking shit about your physical appearance to want to fix it

  4. can u be my trainer I’m 14 and I’m trying to get Fitted by I just keep
    stopping I need a trainer plz

  5. i think everyone who watch this is a fat kid or guy and im one 2 or i dont
    know is it normal that i am 13 and i am 55 kilos i dont know i think im fat

  6. idk if i have gyno because yes im a teen and the fat is under my nipple but
    i dont have the boob part, so is that still gyno