How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat And Love Handles

Weight Loss Tip: Are you wanting a nutritious treat that your children would love to eat? Try making caterpillar kabobs. Cut fruits such as fresh pineapple, oranges, melon, apples, and strawberries into bite-sized chunks. Assemble the chunks of the colorful fruit on a skewer to form a fruity, caterpillar kabob. Since the fruit is on a skewer, monitor young children when they are eating this treat.

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  1. hey . I wanna know what to do. all your video seem to deviate from what
    your topic suggests. burn fat….we all know that….how. I run I lift I
    think I eat well . lost 4 stone. still fat tho it’s stuck at 12 stone. 6ft
    tall male. some nutrition information would also be great. thanks for
    posting anyway

  2. I miss watching Chris’s videos. I’m going to start again. TSC graduate of
    2011 woot woot! Have a confession to make though… Jealous of these people
    who got a shirt! When the heck did this start?? haha! Keep doing what you
    do Chris. You are a motivating guy!