How To Eat A Non-GMO Diet With Jeffrey Smith

Weight Loss Tip: If you are looking to lose weight, seek the advice of a dietitian. A dietitian can tailor an eating plan to your specific needs. A dietitian can also help you to create meals which are easy to prepare and tasty to consume. You can often obtain a referral to a dietitian, through your physician.

Learn more about genetically modified organisms here:

Genetically modified foods have been genetically altered by wiring in the DNA of pesticides and herbicides. These contaminated foods have been linked to leaky gut syndrome, an increase in allergies, rapid aging, potential tumor growth, disorders of the reproductive and endocrine systems and more.

In this video, guest expert Jeffrey Smith and I discuss how to avoid GMO foods and eat a non-GMO diet. By removing certain foods from your diet, reading product labels, shopping local, staying informed and making other lifestyle changes, you can keep away from harmful GMOs. Watch the video to learn more.

To find out more about Jeffrey Smith and this movement, visit the Responsible Technology website here:

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  1. I do not buy GMO but a lot of time in Australia they do not label it !!!
    Over here the put soy in everything from chips to candy,cookies,bread it is
    in about 80% of all items in grocery store…:(

  2. I have been shopping for organic produce after I started to deal with
    digestive issues. My switch in diet will have some great benefits in the
    long run! Along with reading your book “Eat Dirt.”

  3. You can either pay the expensive price for organic food at the grocery
    store or the Doctor that will prescribe 600 dollar medication

  4. I love the passion and I am passionate too! I always try to buy organic and
    GMO whenever possible!

  5. i have subscribed, to you Dr ash thank you sir why do we even let chemical
    manufacturers make our food, companies, that made agent orange, round up,
    and even paint almost everything they make has corn canola oil soy canola
    oil will kill bugs so why do we even use it.how do the FDA even let this

  6. I buy organic and non gmo.Lets all write our new President and ask him to
    change the way food is grown and poisoned.

  7. We have been buying all organic and non gmo. At ALDI and it has saved us so
    much money! We started on amending our soil last year and plan to start our
    organic garden this spring! Over the last two years it has really helped
    balance my hormones and cleared up my cystic acne!

  8. Unfortunately, not all farmers markets are cheaper than the grocery stores.
    Many farmers base their prices on what is being charged for the same
    produce at the big food store next door. Not worth the extra stop for $.05
    off my peppers, even feeding a household of 6+. It’s all about lining their
    pockets more than it is about providing more people access to less
    expensive, healthier foods. This is especially true for those growers who
    do not have the additional cost of non-GMO or organic certifications. While
    I agree with free market capitalism, it’s still unfortunate that many of
    these small farmers aim more for bigger profits for the same time and
    material investment as conventional farmers rather than concentrating on
    supporting healthy eating habits in their communities. (Why exactly did
    they go into farming in the first place?) And to see the waste that ends up
    in the compost heaps at these farms is disgusting! Not even local food
    banks (due to regulations) are allowed to receive these “fresh” foods. I
    am, however, very thankful that we DO have the option to buy local…. so

  9. We look for GMO free and organic all the time. Also Aldo’s carries a lot of
    organic products.

  10. Yes eating organic & GMO free is important and can a major factor in
    infertility. Currently I buy all my plant based foods (fruits & veggies)
    organic, dairy organic however it has been difficult to find grass feed
    meat so I only focus on wild caught fish. There is not an abundance of
    farmer markets in NYC.

  11. This is a scam.

    GMO stands for genetically-modified organism which, yes, sounds scary. Who
    wants to eat mutant tomatoes!?

    Well, these modifications actually make the plants larger and more
    resistant to harsher climates which could potentially help us feed more
    people across the globe. That sounds a lot less scary, right? Lol

    I’m a nurse and every time I get a patient who asks me health questions I
    don’t know the answer to, you can bet I do some research. And research says
    that GMO’s have no negative effects on the human body that we can find.

    But, foods that say “GMO-Free!” and “Gluten-Free!” on the box are sold at a
    higher value than other foods. You’re being deceived by these companies who
    just want your money.