How To Afford Organic Food On A Low Budget

Weight Loss Tip: Turn off the television and sit together as a family when eating. Distractions are a problem with most kids. When you take any distractions like TV out of the way, your child can focus on eating. Sitting together as a family also promotes a sense of well-being that makes your child want to eat and enjoy family time.

Best foods to buy on a budget: bananas, dates, potatoes, rice, corn. Shop in bulk for even better deals. If you REALLY cannot afford organic, buy conventional food that is non-GMO.

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My Top Vegan Health & Weigh Loss Tips 

√ Daily Goals: Sleep + Water + Sugar

√ Weekly Goals: Sun + Sport

• Eat 3000 calories (males) or 2500 calories (females) per day MINIMUM!
• Eat at least 80% of total calories from carbohydrates
• Keep salt intake less than 1000 mg per day
• Drink at least 3 liters of water per day so your urine is clear
• Sleep 8 to 12 hours per night
• Participate in your favorite sport/activities
• Get plenty of sunshine
• Go Bananas!

The three fundamentals for succeeding & sustaining your weight loss goals and a healthy lifestyle is getting enough sleep, water, sugar DAILY! Once the basic fundamental needs are met, getting some sunshine and sport throughout the week will take you even further. CONSISTENCY IS KEY. You did not get to where you are now overnight! 😉

Sleeping is probably the MOST important aspect of health. If sugar is analogous to gasoline fuel of a car, sleep would be analogous to a battery of a car. Getting enough sleep is ESSENTIAL for having sufficient amount of nerve energy to function properly without the use of stimulants such as coffee, cacao, adderall (amphetamine), etc. Sleep is also important for having an efficient & quick recovery to give the internal body (muscles, nerves, organs, etc.) the rest it needs.

Drinking enough water is essential for meeting any weight loss fitness goals and for longevity health. Staying hydrated is not only important for avoiding negative health impacts such as dehydration, but are also important for having good digestion, a high metabolism, and an alkaline body environment. Start your morning with a liter of water before breakfast & keep a bottle of water with you at all times so your urine is clear consistently.

Eating a high carb low fat plant based (vegan) diet consisting of at least 80% of total calories from carbohydrates will not only give you the fitness & weight loss goals that you desire, but keep you disease free and healthy FOR LIFE! Making sure you are eating enough calories to sustain a sufficient amount of energy for daily activities & sport REGARDLESS OF CURRENT WEIGHT! Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits & vegetables to nourish your body with all the essential nutrients. Complex carbohydrates (starches) such as potatoes, corn, rice (& other grains) work great as well for getting the results you desire, while at the same time providing you with a sufficient amount of satiating carbohydrate calories. Keep your fat & salt intake low to keep the excess weight off & maintain a lean body. THE FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR!

Once you start meeting your sleep, water, sugar needs, begin participating in your favorite sports & activities. Weight loss goals are best met with diet & nutrition but fitness goals such as getting toned & fit are met with physical activity. If you want strong muscles (skeletal, organs, etc.) you gotta use them! DON’T go burning yourself out by not getting enough calories; ALWAYS be sure you are eating enough calories so you have the energy to be able to participate in your favorite activities. Make “working out” an adventure by choosing to play ONLY in the things you LOVE to do! Spend plenty of time outdoors getting fresh air and sunshine for those strong bones! 😉

A high carb low fat vegan diet with a combination of enough sleep, water, fresh air, and sunshine will give you the edge you need to reach your potential. Your health is your NUMBER 1 ASSEST & without it you will not be able to participate in the wonderful things in life such as being there for your loved ones when they need you the most. Veganism is much more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle; it’s much more than just reaching your health & fitness goals; it’s about making the world a better place for the people, for the animals, and for the planet. – Bananiac

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” ~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine ☤




  1. In germany it’s hard to buy in bulk. If I buy 1 organic date or a 5kg box,
    it costs the same / kg. I’ve argued the bulk point lots but never an

    The question is… do I want to eat just 1 handful of blueberries today, or
    do I want to eat 3000 calories of rice?

  2. Also, a dominos pizza costs about 15€ whereas I normally spend below 10€
    per day on food and I eat high carb whole food vegan. People think fast
    food is cheaper, and it might be in america (never been there), but in
    europe at least it’s actually WAY cheaper to eat healthy. Just nobody does
    because they are too lazy/ignorant/uncaring.

  3. What about carrots? Organic carrots are 89 cents for one pound at Trader
    Joe’s…94 cents a pound at Walmart (yes Walmart DOES sell organic
    produce)…just saying!

  4. Also…try to GROW a little bit of leafy greens….even a pot of parsley on
    your front step would be really great…and organic!!!

  5. The coconut date rolls are awesome! They are cheap (whole foods $4.50 a lb
    organic) and a good high carb choice. I eat them daily.

  6. Ohhhh, and Thomas Tadlock threw out a wonderful idea on how to buy organic
    very cheap…go to a farmers market(preferably last day) toward the end of
    the day/closing time. Those farmers do NOT wanna bring all their produce
    BACK home so they WILL bargain and sell shit mad cheap! Just throwing that
    out there

  7. I spent about 60 bucks for 2 weeks worth of food eating McDougall style for
    the better part of my early vegan journey. I did that by buying in bulk
    (potatoes and rice are staples, and store well) and planing every meal in
    advance and freezing left overs. Now that I’ve added more fruit, it is
    quite a bit more–one of the reasons i’d never go fully raw, besides the
    quality of fruit year round. I also buy a shit ton of bananas and freeze
    them before they go bad since they always ripen at the same time on me. 

  8. For people in the US, Door to Door Organics is the solution that I have
    found that works for me. A large box of fruit and veggies is approx $54.00
    which is very affordable. They have flexible plans for smaller boxes of
    just veggies or just fruit. You can pause or cancel the service at anytime
    and their customer service is great. I am only sharing this info because
    I’ve had a good experience with this service over the last year. So I hope
    that it can help others as well. 

  9. If you have to go conventional, just try to avoid the “dirty dozen” you can
    google it. Basically, if you’re going to eat the skin, try to go organic
    ie.. strawberries, grapes etc. Great vid… thx

  10. I only get paid a couple hundred bucks every two weeks. If I get a check
    for 300 bucks I’m beyond thrilled about it. I live at home with my parents
    but I give my dad 300 bucks a month for rent, plus 60 bucks goes towards a
    monthly bus pass, which is a much better deal than paying a fee for every
    bus ride every day. On occasions when I have to go to the doctor there’s a
    20 co-pay, plus any money that I might have to spend on a prescription.
    Any money I have to spare usually goes toward food. What I like to do is
    look at how much money I have available to me for food, then divide it by
    the number of days until my next paycheck. Whatever the result is, that’s
    my daily budget. I try to keep it at around five bucks a day, so I think
    about what food I already have at home, and just try to buy what I need.
    With the exception of almond dream ice cream but that only costs a few
    bucks and I rarely buy it anymore because I recently learned how to make my
    own ice cream which saves me money and is healthier. Also there are several
    stores that I go to often that are by my house. I try to familiarize myself
    with the prices of things that I buy often, and also check what’s on sale.
    Bananas, breads, and so delicious brand coconut milk are usually cheaper at
    the health food store than they are at the other two places that I go to.
    However almond yogurt is cheaper at the supermarket down the road, and
    dates are cheaper at another place, though I rarely buy yogurt and have yet
    to buy dates but hoping to get some this week. Kale is 4 bucks at the
    health food store but its 3 bucks at the farmer’s market which is just a
    few minutes walk from that store. Mango is cheaper at that farmer’s market
    as well. I spent a few bucks on two mangoes but at the health food store I
    don’t buy them because they’re like 6 bucks for one mango and I haven’t
    seen them at the other two stores. We have a tangerine tree so I don’t even
    buy tangerines or oranges, although the tangerine tree hasn’t been
    producing much fruit lately. Also before the coconut milk I was drinking
    almond milk and taking flax seed oil for digestion. About 3 to just under 6
    bucks for the milk depending if I got the smaller boxed one or the half
    gallon carton, plus anywhere between 8 to 15 bucks on the flaxseed oil,
    depending on what kind of sale the store where I would get it from was
    having on their supplements. The supplements worked but I was spending lots
    of money on them, sale or not. I switched to coconut milk instead of almond
    milk as a way of helping my digestion without having to spend money on flax
    seed oil. The coconut milk is around the same price as the almond milk.
    Sorry, I didn’t intend for this comment to be so long but when I start
    talking – or in this case typing – sometimes the words just start flowing
    out of me lol.

  11. I don’t have any faith in this stuff no more – have any of you seen how
    much high calorie chocolate there still is in the organic food store?
    Energy drinks? and also snacks/drinks loaded with sugar and salt? The
    latter especially. Chips and etc. I saw a guy in our grocery store nibbling
    on organic ice cream bars. Dairy free. Go to the fridge and read the
    caloric content and the ingredients. Just because something is in such a
    section of the store does not mean its good for you

  12. This video was long and unhelpful. You are going into reasons why you
    should spend money on healthy eating instead of talking about ways to
    “afford” it.

  13. Most standard grocery stores sell some organic products. You have to look
    for them. Walmart has a decent line of organic salad dressings by Wild
    Oats. They have an organic section which offers a lot of things, and I can
    always count on organic carrots and organic celery to be priced low. Last
    week I bought organic romaine lettuce, three in a pack for less than $4. It
    is very dense, with three in a pack. It will last me forever.

    Aldi’s has organic potatoes, tomatoes, and organic bags of apples at great
    prices. Their shelves have many organic items, including salsas, spaghetti
    sauce, and other stuff. Winn Dixie (I never shop there, but I am going
    further afield) had organic oranges for less than $4 for a 3lb. bag. Publix
    frozen breads offer organic breads at around $5 a loaf, but they are
    nutrient dense. I also got some wild caught fish (I can never afford fish),
    flounder, on a buy one get one free offer. I just finished off the second
    package, and got three hefty meals for $6. Delicious. Aldi’s also carrries
    grass fed beef (organic) for around $5 a lb.

    My health food store, Earth Origins, carries a great variety of stuff. But
    they are very expensive. I have bought sacks of potatoes there for about $5
    for 5 lbs. I buy fresh produce there only if it is on sale. But last
    weekend I went looking for organic jam for my peanut butter and jelly
    sandwiches. On sale, they were a dollar less, and for around $4 got a good
    sized jar of blueberry jam.

    I went to an out of the way small store and found three or four organic
    items – small sweet potatoes at .99 a lb., a whole bag of organic pears for
    $4, and organic pork, but I don’t eat pork. To incorporate organic fruits
    that I cannot afford fresh, I find I can get them in jam form, and in many
    flavors. My health food store had apricot, strawberry, mixed berry,
    blueberry, and one other one. That’s a lot of P and J sandwiches with
    organic peanut butter. Cheap meal, with an organic banana (health food
    store, .89 a pound) and a glass of organic milk (Walmart, $3.89 for 1/2

    To afford organic shopping, I have to hit all the stores and see what I can
    afford. Organic yogurt is cheaper in the big containers from Walmart, and
    you can mix in your fruit jam, organic honey (Aldi’s) or fresh fruit.
    Aldi’s also has organic apple juice. Trader Joe’s has a load of organic
    stuff, and they also own Aldi’s.

    Keeping meals simple keeps prices down. Organic oatmeal with nuts or
    bananas for breakfast, or organic toast/jam/peanut butter. Or, fried
    organic eggs ($4.15 doz. at Winn Dixie on sale).Lunch can be a sandwich
    with organic tomatoes, a slice of organic cheese, and lettuce with a small
    salad or fruit/milk. Dinner can be organic potatoes with a smattering of
    grass fed beef, organic onions or salsa, or cheese. Aldi’s also has a load
    of organic chips products, and I get organic corn chips or organic
    vegetable chips for about $2.89 for a huge bag. Oh, so good!

    The more you buy organic mixtures or frozen dinners, etc., the more you
    will spend. Cook it yourself with fresh herbs. It’s a journey I am still
    on, and I am finding out more sources for my organic food every day. I have
    yet to go to a farmer’s market to see what they have. I hope this helps
    with others on the same journey I am on, and on a frugal budget.

  14. You said it dude!! Rice, potato, bananas, corn, dates all super cheap for
    their dollar to calorie ratio. I watched a fully raw Kristina video the
    other day and she was saying how affordable her raw food diet was and that
    she can spend as little as 20$ a day… I was like waaaaaaa??? 600$ minimum
    per month for her diet? That’s not cheap. Especially for most young YT
    viewers and most American families.