How Much You Should Walk Every Day To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip: Losing weight requires dedication and motivation. If you are happy at the weight that you are currently at you will not be able to lose weight very efficiently. You need to be motivated to truly lose the weight if you want to lose it in a short amount of time. No one can motivate you better than you can.

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So many of us do sports, go to the gym, and try different diets… And all this time we didn’t even realize that everyday lengthy walks, as shown by a number of studies, are no less effective against excess pounds. Here is a list of the most important rules you should follow for walking to replace a whole set of exercises.

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  1. but..what if your knees have the habit to dislocate??? aheheheheahahahahahahahauhuhuhuhu..I know

  2. NEVER listen to music or audio books when you’re out walking! You need to be aware of your surroundings for your own safety and music will be a distraction. Just plain dangerous.

  3. please i need assistance if someone can get in touch with me!

    i would like to know which program i should follow to lose weight ! been trying for a while however unfortunately slow changes

  4. I walk 1 hour a day wake up at 4 am and till 5:10 or something i do diet,e.t.c
    AND i want to go gym but my parents won’t let me
    SO should i or shouldn’t i go gym…

  5. I find walking difficult and now I’m retaining fluid. The Dr gave me water pills and it didn’t help. Eventially the water retention went away

  6. I walk 80-100 steps per minute for almost 3-4 hours with some breaks almost everyday.. I lost 10kg in 4 months by walking only 🙂

  7. Google “lyly amazing guide” to find the best weight loss plan in the world. My sister used it and dropped 13 pounds. I just started and I’m already decrease 10 pounds.