How And Why To Avoid GMO Foods

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Here is the link to non gmo shopping guide

link to video about whole foods selling out to gmo food companies

article and video about French gmo study




  1. Have you ever read any of James Axler’s books? He has a series called Death Lands. I have read the whole series, 70+ books, he started writing them in the late 70’s. I think he had a crystal ball. In one of the books the story line is loosely about GMO’s and Major Corporations, and how they killed the Earth and all Humans. You should check the books out.

  2. My sister found a local farmer that is all organic and non GMO and he also makes organic non GMO chicken feed. You might look around you and see what you can find.

  3. I live in a college town where Whole Foods is set to open next month… Luckily our community is quite conscious about GMOs and unethical practices in the commercial food system, but I’m worried that many visiting students will buy into the “organic” appeal of the new, attractive store. I think Whole Foods does a really good job of green-washing people into thinking that as long as you buy “organic” then you’re doing a good job. But now you have to even question what organic IS. What a shame…

  4. Thanks for this video by the way! It’s refreshing to see just how well someone takes care of their chickens. I hear that some of the chickens in a cooperative neighborhood here live under a mulberry tree. Naturally the chickens eat the colorful berries that have fallen (in addition to other chicken scraps and feed), and in turn produce these gorgeous, almost scarlet-colored egg yolks! 😀

  5. Monsanto is one of the world’s largest supplier of crop seeds world wide. Providing seeds sold to third world countries supposedly to prevent pests, drought resistant, etc. Farmers in these countries purchase seed from Monsanto believing they will have a more abundant crop. The GMO seeds however, do not yield the same amount and so the farmers borrow against their farms and buy more seed from Monsanto. This creates a vicious cycle of crop failure>borrow= Monsanto taking over the land from the farmers. This has happened all over the world. India is a perfect example. Many of the farms that used to produce purple rice are no longer in existence. Rice farms all over India are being taken by Monsanto because of failure of crops.