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Compare your body fat percentage with this chart…

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when gauging your body fat percentage progress on a workout program is to rely on a scale. A scale is only going to tell you how much you weigh and will not give you any information on whether you are losing fat or gaining muscle. In order to know just how much body fat you are dropping you need to have a reliable way to measure this…and unfortunately, most of the options are not that consistent or reliable.

That said, if you could have access to a few methods for testing your own body fat levels in the convenience of your own home, you might be able to see where you are a bit more frequently. Even if the accuracy wasn’t spot on, you would still be able to monitor the week to week fluctuations in the body fat percentages that you are seeing and would know the direction you are moving in.

In this video, I cover four of the most common methods for testing body fat percentages at home. I tell you the flaws and the positives with each method. From online body fat calculators to bioelectrical impedance scales to skinfold caliper testing to the old fashioned mirror…each method is reviewed and actual body fat testing results are revealed.

Also, be sure to watch how important knowing your body fat levels are when determining your fitness. You’ll see how two people can weigh exactly the same and look drastically different. Hint…it all has to do with lean body mass!

For more videos on fat burning workouts and muscle gaining exercises to help you change your body fat levels and see noticeable changes each time you do measure your percentages, be sure to check out our youtube channel at

For a body fat percentage comparison chart, be sure to click on the link at the top of the description. You’ll be able to see where you are currently, and where you want to get to in the next 90 days and beyond.



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  1. It’s about 90% genetics. So comparing yourself to ultra lean guys like this
    dude, is total BS and unachievable. Unless you starve yourself, literally.

  2. Subbed love your vids man best fitness channel on YouTube I thought I had
    to cut then bulk now I see I can do both at the same time.

  3. Nothing beats Jeff’s videos to feel like complete and utter shite about
    yourself. fml…

  4. i have tried to lean down and nothing to me its just not fair others notice
    it BUT I DONT! I don’t understand it i cant order the program so what do i
    do if im not ripped by my 17th birthday i quit can someone please help me?

  5. I seem to have next to no fat on my chest and legs. Yet i have a lot on my
    abs. Either my fat goes to a very unlucky place. Or im messuring wrong. I
    have abs so it’s not that bid a deal but this is annoying.

  6. You should try that hand unit at night when you are most hydrated. Your
    hands should be slightly moist and no caffeine are exercise within the last
    4 hrs.

  7. nice video but what’s the difference between the 3 point caliper vs the 9
    point when someone is over 15% body fat thanks

  8. I’m around ten to 9% body fat and i am not shredded my body looks more like
    13-15 and my body fat percentage is not that high what do i do?

  9. My body according to your pics looks like 50% bodyfat tbh.
    I find it weird thou, cause i do workout 3-4 hours a day feeling no
    struggle at all.

    My legs looks ripped… my arms are starting to look ripped..
    I can see my biceps clearly, i can see my shoulders well developed.

    But the fking belly and manboobs area doesn’t look ripped at all….. I’m
    looking like i’m at 50% Bodyfat there….

  10. You sure you were 5.8 there? Im not an expert or anything but shouldnt your
    abs be showing like a lot if you were that low BF.?

  11. what is your opinion on circumference measurements (waist – neck

  12. im the top guy in my stomach and the bottom guy on my arms legs and chest
    my fucking stomach wont go away idky i dont drink wats the deal i hit abs 4
    times a week i only can see my top 4 abs after a workout or if i dead lift
    why is this happening its been 2 months and im gaining everywhere but no
    gain on the abs why? work them more or am i fucking up i eat 1800 calories
    a day for two months and im staying at 179.

  13. I love your videos and they are very helpful. I watch them to motivate my
    self. I’m in the range of 30-40 % body fat. I’m 5’4 at 200Lbs. I will be
    tracking my progress and taking photos. I will be sharing them soon!

  14. I used to be 16 percent body fat but I stopped working out ,ate like shit
    for a year and I got fat ,I have been losing weight that I gained slowly
    and steady but I wanna know about a way to lose weight faster the healthy

  15. so what’s your body fat percentage at that moment? FYI, the bio-electrical
    device you used, I had the same one and in the manual it recommend if your
    body fat % is lower than 15% you should switch to athlete mode instead of
    normal mode

  16. At any rate, I think we can all agree you’re not at 5.8% 10% seems pretty
    close to the truth.

  17. Hey Jeff, I’m seeing some people doing videos showing results of a Dexa
    Scan. One guy that is incredibly lean (Jamie Alderton) is showing a total
    body fat percentage of 10.8% according to the scan. Likewise, another guy
    (Rob Lipsett) is showing a total body fat of less than 6%. Visually, they
    are quite comparable, with Jamie maybe looking even leaner. Is there any
    credence to this dexa scan? If so, how do the results vary so much? Can you
    shed some light on this? Also, is there a danger of getting too lean?
    Brittle bones and hormonal imbalances? Does the Bioelectrical Impedance
    machine register a higher body fat percentage because it’s registering
    visceral fat as well as subcutaneous fat? Thanks for all your helpful

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