Here’s How To Find Out If It’s A GMO Product

Weight Loss Tip: You can lose weight in general by reducing your carbohydrates. Carbs can increase your blood glucose and possibly create an insulin imbalance. Carbs are important to have in your diet as they are your basic form of energy, so never remove them completely from your diet. Controlling them can help your diet.

Non-GMO advocate Jeffrey Smith helps you figure out if the products you are buying are genetically modified or not. Few products are labeled so it’s hard to tell on your own.




  1. Monsanto is the quintessential evil corporation right out of a sci-fi movie. Hard to believe it’s real, and they operate with protection from the government.

  2. Ask the people in India where their water is going to. – A lot of it Coca~Cola uses.

    If you don’t like this fear-mongerer, don’t watch this video. Go turn on Glenn Beck or O’Really?! instead.

  3. Are you out of your mind? Do some research? There is no hunger in the world cause there is not enough food for everyone. We produce food for 12 billion a year. 12 billion people! So where is the food than?! Well you can ask the greedy people and those who control the corporations. Or you can ask the banks and where the money goes and who they support! Come on…hunger in the world??! It is like to beleieve that GMO are save for you to eat! GMO was created cause they want us dead!!!Wake up!!

  4. I see that (dsmdicmsa) is trolling the comment section of this video.  Its funny how you would’t dare and try to discredit what Jeffery Smith is saying, but instead go after sone of the commentators.  You don’t dare go after Jeffery Smith directly because your troll comments would be torn to pieces.  Its fact that GMOs are poison along with the overuse of its toxic sidekick herbicide Glyphosate.

    Stay in your cave dsmdicmsa or computer if you are a computer generated troll bot.

  5. I went from almost 180lbs to 135lbs, just learning how to eat right.  Watch videos like this, sign up for newsletters such as naturalnews.com.  I stopped drinking milk altogether (you wouldn’t believe what’s in it), stopped eating all diary products (except organic, and then just sparingly), stopped eating all meat (get your protein from other foods!), stopped all sodas and all juice.  Look at the ingredient list of 98% of what’s in your grocery store.  If it has more than 5 ingredients, or if you can’t pronounce a word, it’s bad for you.  Don’t listen to Weight Watcher’s or Jenny Craig to lose weight…or eat that poison in Weight Watchers.  Go organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts.  If your eating regular fruits and vegetables, your eating tons of pesticides and many other chemicals.  Find the organic section in most grocery stores.  The organic fruits and vegetables will have a sticker on it that starts with the number 9.   Drink lots of good filtered water, and exercise 30 mins about 3 times a week. And white sugar?  Please stay as far away as possible from that!   Anything white, white bread, sugar, flour, has no nutritional value whatsoever.   Any questions?  It takes dedication people!   I started slow, and it snowballed from there.  I look and feel better than I ever have.  Read, watch videos, educate yourself…and lose that weight with the proper foods! 

  6. Grow your own garden if you can.   Use natural fertilizers.  I use my organic scraps in mine.  Or buy the organic ones.  

  7. This is all pretty scary. I live in Malaysia a third world country. You ask the greengrocer if his product is organic he might not know what it is? you ask him if its non GMO he might not even know what it is.