GMO Side Effects With Jeffrey Smith

Weight Loss Tip: You may be thinking that substituting sugar for some other kind of sugary substance may be a good thing. While these don't have any direct affects to your weight, they are proven to have other damaging consequences including cancer and could possibly increase your level of hungry by not having your daily need of sugar.

Learn more about genetically modified organisms and GMO side effects here:

Genetically modified foods are foods with altered DNA. Their genetic material has been combined with other forms of life, including other plant forms, insecticides, pesticides, bacteria and viruses.

In this video, I discuss the side effects of consuming GMO foods with guest expert Jeffrey Smith, the man behind the non-GMO movement. Consuming GMO foods causes system-wide damage, increased allergies, faster aging, potential tumor growth and so much more. Watch the video to learn about these GMO side effects and see the research for yourself.

To find out more about Jeffrey Smith and this movement, visit the Responsible Technology website here:

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  1. Dr. Josh Axe! They are going to get you! such a controversial topic. youre a welll known with 500,000 subs
    FDA and monsanta is going get you!

  2. Please can you do a video on Bamboo extract. I realise it’s 70% silica, what is your view on daily usage in capsules.

  3. Hi Dr. do you know if papayas from Mexico are gmo ? Im living in usa and l love papayas but can’t afford organic papayas. They are cheeper at the Mexican store. Thanks

  4. Hey Dr.Axe. Like your videos,I don’t want to insult your knowledge I Agree with most of what you say,but,your wrong about olive oil! Oil in a bottle is; 1… processed,2… oxidized in the bottle,the little air gap between the oil and the cap contaminates the entire bottle,3… oxidized products creat free radicals in the body which promote any ailments one may have already. Also you can’t smell it’s bad,like other oils do.Olives are excellent for the gut,and on downwards. I follow Dr.Joel Wallack,the knowledge this man has is mind boggling.

  5. one of my top 5 movies; love everything you both share and believe; yet I still shovel in crap process foods, soft drinks, sugar, dyes, etc….. GRRRRRRr thanks for your work, hope I can get my act together. THANKS

  6. Dr. Axe, I love rice and bread, but I do not do well with it. Obviously I won’t go eat a massive amount of rice and loaves of bread; but if I buy organic nongmo bread and rice and eat little at a time to build tolerance, could my allergies go away? Thank you and all the best !
    ~Michael Angelo Kakos

  7. I know you want to spread this as far & wide as possible, for ALL great reasons….but the phone out and constant distraction by Dr. Axe just doesn’t look professional. I’d can the Facebook portion and put the phone away, be present, & interact w/ the guest more.

  8. Oh, man. This is disturbing and worrisome. WTF Monsanto, FDA and other governments doing and allowing these toxic foods in the public? We will be screwed!!!

  9. Just imagine if TPP and China’s “One Belt, One Initiative” or OBOR come into effect and distribute GMO-related food products into member states….. many people will be affected!!!